16 Home Decor Trends that are Going to Rule the Rest of 2020, According to Designers

published Sep 15, 2020
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While some home decor trends are fleeting fads, others persevere for a reason. To prove this point, I reached out to a group of interior designers to find out which current trends will continue to dominate the design world this year. From maximalist-minded spaces to Zoom rooms and beyond, these 16 design trends will reign supreme throughout the rest of 2020—and will likely be relevant into 2021, too.   

1. Maximalism

Maximalists rejoice! Designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design says over-the-top interiors are more than just a flash-in-the-pan fad. “We’re going to continue to see more maximalist spaces that are heavy on color, pattern, and architectural details,” she explains. “Clients are adding more—not taking things away—to their interiors, which is, of course, going to make for spaces that are much more sumptuously layered, intricately detailed, and expressive. If you’re looking to create a maximalist space, I recommend playing with different textures, mixing prints, and introducing more color.”

Credit: Camille Lai

2. Bright paint colors

With the world feeling seemingly more uncertain and tumultuous by the day, designer Nicole Gibbons, who is also the founder of Clare paint, says people are turning to vibrant shades to uplift and ground their homes. “Bold paint colors that draw from nature, such as a violet-blue or a spirited shade of green, can sway the vibe from tranquil to cheery depending on the light and furniture in your space,” Gibbons says. “Our two newest hues, Blue’d Up (as seen in the above bedroom by @houseof.lais) and OMGreen, were voted for by nearly 2,600 of our fans as proof.” 

3. Unhung artwork

According to designer Lori Paranjape of Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors, creating laid-back spaces, filled with unfussy art displays, will continue to be a priority for home decor lovers in 2020. “Lean in to a casual way to style your space,” she advises. “Not all art has to be perfectly hung. A relaxed lean feels fresh, takes the edge off, and makes a room feel more collected than styled.”

4. Multifunctional spaces

As more and more people transition to working and teaching children from home, designer Emily Spanos of Emily June Designs says making spaces more multifunctional will stay trendy. “With WFH becoming the norm for so many, I foresee a continued desire to transform every square foot into a more powerful reflection of who we are and how we live,” she explains. “With this, I expect to see an increased use of bold color and pattern as well as a thoughtful approach to multifunctional spaces—think no space should go to waste!” 

Credit: Annie Meisel

5. Antique decor

Much like the move away from fast fashion, designer Liz Wilson of MC1R Studio says interior design is increasingly utilizing vintage and antique pieces. “The craftsmanship is often superior and usually has a story,” she says. “As clients become more conscious of their impact on the environment, buying vintage is part of that awareness. Giving pieces a second life is what’s trending. Whether it’s a small bust, painting, or large sofa, vintage pieces can be incorporated into any space, adding instant character.”

6. Indoor-outdoor rooms

In order to safely host close friends and family at home, designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry from Pulp Design Studios say that finding creative ways to entertain at a distance will remain on-trend. “We’re all trying to make lemonade out of lemons,” Dotola says. “We designed this home bar around our client’s garage-style door for walk-up hosting and ease in outdoor entertaining. The best part is that it still looks amazing, even when you’re entertaining indoors, for year-round function and style.”

7. Warm neutrals

Nothing makes a space feel more welcoming than a warm color palette, which is why designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Forbes + Masters believe neutral hues are here to stay. “As 2020 comes to a close, we see people creating more comforting spaces within their homes since so much more time is being spent there,” Masters says. “In-home trends are leaning more toward warm tones: blush colors, taupes, browns, creams, and salmon shades. Mixed with soft textures, these colors create an oasis you’ll want to spend all your time in.”

8. Bold prints

When it comes to trendy wall coverings, Spanos says eye-catching patterns and prints will reign supreme for the rest of 2020. “I’ve been using larger patterns and prints that feel more artistic in nature because their more substantial repeats lend a distinctive look to a space,” she explains. “I particularly love MINDTHEGAP’s collection of wall coverings and textiles as well as Voutsa and Design Legacy. The Pattern Collective is another expertly curated studio whose founder does a fantastic job sourcing larger prints you don’t see anywhere else!”

9. Built-in storage 

While savvy storage solutions will always remain popular with small space dwellers, designer Lauren Wills of Wills Design Associates predicts that strategic built-ins will make a return in the final months of 2020. “With more time spent inside and the concept of thoughtful living on the rise, I can see more and more people investing in built-ins or semi built-ins to enhance their daily living experience,” she says. “There are some great companies out there, like Fronteriors, that offer custom fronts, sides, and tops capable of giving your IKEA cabinets a custom look (as seen in the above photo). Don’t forget that a quick Google search will put endless DIY ideas at your fingertips!”

10. Natural decor elements

In light of the unprecedented amount of stress already experienced this year, designer Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design believes incorporating natural elements, such as houseplants and stone finishes, into home decor will remain more important than ever. “Adding touches of nature into your space can offer a calming effect that can help relieve those stresses and is a great way to bring some life into your home,” she explains. “Incorporating more organic and natural elements into your home environment is one design trend that will be dominating the rest of 2020.”

11. Wallpapered everything

Now that wallpaper has reemerged as a major home decor trend of 2020, designer Megan Hopp feels that people will get more creative about how to use it in the months ahead. “Now that everyone is on board for the big wallpaper comeback, I predict that folks are going to be much more comfortable using paper to cover more than their walls,” she explains. “By the end of 2020, I suspect we are going to be seeing bold patterns and prints in more unique and unexpected places, like ceilings, interiors of built-ins, and adorning cabinet fronts.”

12. Spa-grade bathroom upgrades

As homeowners and renters continue to look for ways to make their spaces more serene and inviting, designer Carneil Griffin of Griffin Direction Interiors says to expect lots of easy but high-impact bathroom upgrades in the near future. “2020 has been extremely stressful on our mental and physical lives, which is why homeowners are incorporating more spa-like features into their homes,” he explains. “One perk of this trend is that you can join the wave by installing a new rainfall or jet spray system right to your existing shower hardware.” 

13. Painted vanities

Few things brighten up a dated piece of furniture faster than a crisp coat of bright paint, which is why designer Marika Meyer believes painted vanities will still be big in 2020. “More and more, people are bringing color into all parts of the house, including the private spaces that often get left behind or left out of the budget,” she explains. “We love a bright, colorful vanity in the bathroom because it’s easy to add a fresh coat of paint and make a huge impact.”

14. Mini bars

Maintaining a work-life balance is key when you WFH, and nothing promotes a little R&R quite like a stylish home bar setup. “We see home cocktail bars as a great source for a break at the end of a busy day of working from home and helping kids with remote learning,” architect Andrew Mann says. “Whether you turn a built-in cabinet into a wet bar, like we did in the family room book nook in the above photo, or add a bar cart to your living room, a mini cocktail bar provides a fun space to escape to.”

15. Zoom rooms

Since many have relied heavily on platforms like Zoom to communicate with friends and coworkers throughout 2020, designer John McClain predicts designated work areas with video call-ready backdrops will rule the rest of year. “A dedicated workstation with a beautiful (but non-distracting background) will make virtual calls more enjoyable for everyone involved,” he explains. “We have found a successful background for video calls contains a large piece of art, something green, and a lamp or other tall accessory.” 

Credit: Alex Haynes

16. Artsy vignettes

Whether on top of a living room console or a bedroom dresser, designer Maggie Griffin says layered artwork displays are a foolproof way to make a space more inspiring while working from home. “It’s an effortless way to elevate a space while conveying a sense of serenity,” she explains. “I love to include varying sizes and shapes to keep things interesting and easily interchangeable. I recommend placing larger pieces over a fireplace or sideboard with smaller frames propped against or below. Incorporate a mix of sculpture or blend together older, traditional pieces with abstract art for a fresh take on old meets new.”