The Pretty, Personal Air Purifier That I’ll Be Gifting This Holiday Season

published Oct 27, 2021
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Credit: Pixel Stories/Stocksy

Not all air purifiers are made the same. Some are round, some are square, some fit into the fridge, and some fit into corners. There are tall ones, small ones, and everything in between — and that doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the functions available. With so much variety, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of air purifying devices unless one stands out among the bunch. Literally. The most vibrant I’ve seen to date is the purple (yes, purple!) BISSELL MYair Personal Air Purifier.

The colors of the BISSELL MYair Purifier are what first caught my attention. Aside from the standard white, it comes in a calming purple and bright sky blue (my favorite). Next, was its compact size. At 12-by-8 inches, the purifier can fit in many small spaces, even on top of a desk or end table! It’s just the right size for a single room, filtering the air five times per hour in spaces up to 88 square feet. I used the MYair Purifier in my home office and loved the energy it brought into the room with its fun shade of lavender. The device is wonderfully quiet, and has three fan modes: high, low, and sleep. The air purifier doesn’t give off a lot of light as the buttons are pretty much the only areas that illuminate with LED. However, there is a Night Light mode for a little shine as you sleep peacefully.

I immediately thought of my best friend when I saw this air purifier. Between allergies and the cats, she’s mentioned wanting an air purifier but hasn’t taken the plunge on getting one. (So, I’ll be gifting one to her this year. Shh...) The BISSELL MYair is perfect for her! One, she has a smaller space. Two, purple is her favorite color. And three, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to operate it. The hardest part about it is remembering to take the plastic off the 3-in-1 filter before powering it up.

The BISSELL MYair Personal Air Purifier cleans the air from all directions, thanks to its 360-degree design. According to BISSELL, it “effectively captures 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns or larger on sleep mode helping to remove airborne irritants like smoke, dust, pet dander, and pollen, while the activated carbon layer captures gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and common household odors including odors from pets, cooking and smoke.”

I’ve seen it work first hand! The air quality in my home is good, and my home office is no different, so I’ve found that the best way to test out an air purifier is to rile it up a little by lighting a candle nearby and blowing it out. You’ll really see how fast it works as it rids the air of the smoke! The MYair Purifier also has a timer if you don’t want to run the purifier all day. It can be set for 1, 4, and 8 hours. I typically set it for eight hours while I work, so that when I wrap up my day, the air purifier is clocking out of its shift, too.

It’s too soon to replace my filter, as BISSELL recommends replacing it every three months. But for reference, the MYair filter is a pre-filter, carbon filter, and high-efficiency filter combo. The purifier will even notify you when it’s time to replace it by flashing the Filter Reset Button.

Of all the air purifiers I’ve tried — and there have been plenty — the BISSELL MYair is the most giftable. It’s under $100, compact, and colorful. It’s great for dorm rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and home offices; and can be used in the living room, too! I’ve loved using it at home because of how much it brightens up the space. It’s a joyful approach to air purification, just in time for the holidays.