This $25 Tool Is My Secret Weapon for Keeping My Couch Pet-Hair Free

published Jan 19, 2023
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One of my peskiest cleaning issues at home is pet hair on my furniture. The sofa, low shelves, you name it and it’s not unlikely you’ll find dog fur on it. I have two dogs that shed, and though neither is allowed on the couch, they run around and brush up against it enough for it to get quite a bit hairy if I don’t take care of it soon after. I used to keep a lint roller in a drawer of my coffee table for clothing and furniture, but it didn’t take long to see how wasteful it was to pull off every fur-covered sheet and throw it away — not to mention needing to order refills once those ran out. It was an expense I didn’t need for a problem that could be solved in other ways. I started using BLACK+DECKER’s Pet Hair Remover last spring, and it’s totally transformed how I handle pet hair on my upholstered furniture. It’s not wasteful like a lint roller, it’s easy to operate, and I can store it when it’s not in use. Best of all, it’s less expensive than comparable gadgets. Sticking with it was a no-brainer.

BLACK+DECKER’s Pet Hair Remover is essentially a roller brush with a hard edge that pulls the fur into a built-in dust bin for storage until it gets full and you’re ready to dump it out. Its handle is cushioned for a comfortable grip and the top is see-through so you can tell how much hair is in it at any given time. To use it, you roll it back and forth in quick, short motions to gather up the hair, and you can see it disappear from your furniture. I’m always amazed by how much hair it sweeps up because it collects even what I can’t see (and I have a dark couch, so everything shows). The button on the back is in a natural position to press it while you’re holding it, and it pops open the back like a spring. Fortunately, none of the hair comes flying out since it’s trapped securely in the bin, and it only takes a few shakes to empty it into the trash can.

Credit: Britt Franklin

The portability of this pet hair roller is also incredibly convenient because it takes nothing for me to bring it down to my car to clear the dog hair from my seats. I often have my dogs in tow when I’m picking up packages or visiting my parents, and you’d be surprised by how much fur can accumulate from a single ride! When I bring it back upstairs, I hang the roller on a hook and it’s completely out of sight and out of the way. I love a cleaning tool that doesn’t create more clutter, especially one that’s cheaper than similar alternatives. I get to save money and solve a problem all in one go. What more could I ask for?

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