Why You Shouldn’t Get a Black Sink, According to TikTok

published Sep 24, 2023
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Black sink, vintage copper faucet, gray wall, mirror, loft bathroom interior details. Close up, minimalism concept
Credit: July Prokopiv/Shutterstock

Black fixtures, appliances, and accessories look chic and stylish in just about any bathroom, which is why they’ve been on trend for several years now. And while you might be dreaming about a sexy black bathroom sink, one TikToker is calling it a purchase she “definitely regrets,” noting that the upkeep is seemingly more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Design and decor aficionado Mel Lloyd (aka @my_neutral_place) showed off the gorgeous matte black sink in her ensuite bathroom on both TikTok and Instagram, explaining why you might want to rethink the decision to add one to your own bathroom.

“If you’re thinking of getting a black sink … this is for you!” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram video. “I wanted black accessories when we renovated the en-suite bathroom. And I absolutely love the shower and taps. But the sink? It shows flipping every little mark. Soap, toothpaste. If you love dirty sinks then definitely get a black one!⁣”

Commenters on both platforms echoed Lloyd’s frustrations, sharing their own experiences with a black sink. “We renovated our house last year & installed a black sink in the family bathroom,” wrote one Instagram commenter. “When it’s clean, for about 5 mins, it looks fab, but the rest of the time, no! So it’s going. Back to a white one.” 

“I was warned against a black kitchen sink but was adamant I wanted one… NEVER AGAIN!!” added another. 

Over on TikTok, the same feeling reverberated. “It looks so beautiful, but the cleaning … it never stays black,” wrote one person. “Decided to not do black anywhere else in the house.”

“We have a black kitchen sink here from the previous owners and it’s a bloody nightmare!!” said another. 

Of course, some pointed out that white sinks show stains and spots just as much, which means you might be destined to clean it “17,743 times a day” (as Lloyd half-jokingly noted in her video), no matter which color you go for. Still, her bathroom does look beautiful, so props to her for having great style … even if it’s not the most practical pick for heavy daily use.