Before and After: This Sleek Bathroom Redo Has the Coolest Houndstooth Flooring

published May 22, 2022
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Signs a bathroom might be in need of a refresh? Clunky or oddly shaped vanities, sad beige or brown finishes, and dated wallpaper or tile borders.

Of course, all of these details can look quirky-cool and even design-forward in the right space and with the right mix of decor, but in the case of this bathroom remodeled by Hayley Lattimore (@mothaflippas) of Outline Homes, a reboot was in order. “The blue floral wall tiles had to go, along with the older fixtures,” Hayley elaborates.

Instead of the dated colors and styles, Hayley wanted to go for “a bright, calming space with pops of fun colors/patterns.” But to save money, the bathroom’s footprint needed to stay the same — which meant the shower, toilet, and sink setups would need to stay the same, and as would the total square footage.

Even with those limitations, Hayley was able to make the bathroom look and feel bigger thanks to the all-new finishes. The tan floors were swapped for a houndstooth tile, the white vanity and curvy countertop were replaced with a sleek blonde wood one, and the large sheet mirror with the blue tile surround was replaced with a smaller metal-framed one from Umbra that allows for more white space in the room — plus a cool new terrazzo sconce.

While the houndstooth tile makes a big statement, Hayley says, “everything else in this bathroom is bright and airy and easy to keep clean.” When it comes to creating a functional bathroom, that is a must!

Hayley and her team at Outline added trim around the window to give it a bit more pop, and they replaced the beige shower/tub combo with a sleek white tub that’s surrounded by white tile. The swap makes the shower area look way more luxe.

In all, Hayley loves the bright, cohesive space she created that includes a bit of contrast to boot. Interested in bringing the bold tile look to your home? Get even more inspiration with these seven patterned tile bathroom redos.