These Plants Are Going to Be Popular in 2022, According to Bloomscape

published Dec 27, 2021
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Bohemian style plant space
Credit: Lauren Kolyn

New year, new plants. If you’re a plant parent who is looking to grow their foliage family in the year ahead, look no further than Bloomscape‘s most popular plants for 2022. Lindsay Pangborn, Bloomscape’s Gardening Expert, has predicted the three houseplants that will be taking the new year by storm; the species that are sure to be flying off the shelves come January.

Ficuses, particularly the Ficus umbellata variety, will be a huge hit in the new year ahead. Gaining popularity due to its heart-shaped leaves and being less finicky than the fiddle-leaf fig, Ficus umbellata is both low maintenance and will make a bold statement. Ficuses were hugely popular in the ’70s, so it’s great to see these bold and beautiful plants making a comeback in 2022. They’re an ideal plant for beginners and don’t require too much attention—they’ll thrive in many different lighting conditions and don’t need to be watered often.

Credit: Bloomscape

Ferns will also be a hugely popular choice next year, according to Bloomscape. The Kimberly Queen Fern is slated to be the number one pick when it comes to this nostalgic houseplant. Easy to care for and pet-friendly, consider this variety if you’re a beginner plant parent and want to give your space a little pizazz.

Credit: Bloomscape

Finally, Bloomscape predicts that carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and Venus flytraps will reign over the next 12 months. Venus flytraps are one of only two carnivorous plant species with a “snap-trap” mechanism for capturing prey and, according to The New York Times, when potential prey bumps the trigger hairs on the surface of the snap-trap twice within 20 seconds, the leafy jaws clamp shut.

As for the plants that were the most-loved in 2021, the Money Tree was Bloomscape’s most popular plant for the second year in a row, closely followed by the Red Prayer Plant, Bamboo Palm, Tough Stuff Collection, and Hedgehog Aloe.