Stay in These Novel-Inspired Airbnbs for Only $17 a Night

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“The Great Gatsby”

Happy World Book Day! Oh, you didn’t know there was a World Book Day? That’s okay; To be honest, there are kind of too many unofficial holidays for us to keep track. With that said, books certainly deserve a day more than many other things (we wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a National Mosquito Day at this point). But if you’re a book-lover, you might delight in knowing two important things for today:

#1 Airbnb has a collection of listings that are geared toward fans of specific books/authors. If you didn’t already know this, now you do!

#2 Airbnb is putting those listings on sale for the average price of a book ($17) to help celebrate World Book Day.

This is all pretty impressive, from every angle. In the mix, there are spaces to rent based on some real classics like “Charlotte’s Web,”“The Great Gatsby,”“Pride and Prejudice,”“Pippi Longstocking” and “Outlander,” with a few more recently published novels like “NW,”“The Notebook,”“The Handmaid’s Tale,”“Interview with the Vampire,” and “Big Little Lies.” Also, included in the special promotion are some Airbnb properties with exceptionally nice libraries.

Want a clearer idea of what a theme means in terms of decor and offerings? Take a look below:

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“The Handmaid's Tale”

The “Charlotte’s Web” listing is a barn ready for your stay, and the “Pippi Longstocking” one is a cute and playful space. The “Interview with the Vampire” rental has strong Southern gothic vibes (that we love). “The Great Gatsby”-inspired home comes with a glamorous pool (but you might want to go easy on throwing elaborate and decadent large parties at any Airbnb property, including this one). The space tied to “The Notebook” is just as beachy and romantic as you might imagine.

If you’re into more of the straight-up library vibe, Airbnb has got the listings covered. The library properties will quickly put you in the mood to snuggle up with a page-turner. From a book-filled loft in Sao Paulo, Brazil and a gorgeous industrial-farmhouse spot in Paris, to a small “Book and Bed” listing in Tokyo and a lush retreat in Victoria, Australia, your options are plentiful. And they span the globe, adding a little extra authenticity to the “World” portion of World Book Day.

Now do yourself a favor and book one of these properties or just put your phone down tonight and spend some time reading. Or both! You can do both things.