This TikToker Turned a Thrifted Chandelier into a Boho Plant Display

published May 31, 2023
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Vintage chandeliers don’t have to be used just for lighting anymore. One TikToker transformed a vintage brass lighting fixture into a plant hanger, and although the finished product wasn’t initially what she was going for, it became a focal point rather than just a piece of decor.

TikTok user amyemartin92 (@ohwowlookatyou2) found a brass chandelier on Facebook Marketplace and was inspired by another TikToker to turn it into a fancy plant display. “I’m gutting this thing and I’m taking off all the weighty parts because I’m going to hang it up and put plants in it,” she said in a May 8 video.

She replaced the bulbs with glass vases and filled them with potting soil and propagated pothos and spider plants. But she forgot to take weight displacement into account: “So what do I do? Learn how to macrame.” 

The idea was to create macrame supports to keep the chandelier balanced, which worked. But just having that little bit of macrame at the top looked a bit awkward. So amyemartin92 learned a bit more macrame skills and began covering all of the brass arms with macrame rope.

“I’m just tying all of the basic macrame knots that I’ve learned,” she said in another video that went viral. “ I don’t know, really, what to do with the strings at the end … it looks very rough in a lot of these pictures. [But] honestly, I’m really impressed with myself.”

Finally, after brushing out some of the dangling bits and adding a few wooden beads, the plant chandelier was complete. And it is a centerpiece. 

This plant chandelier project is a great example of just rolling with the creative process. It wasn’t what amyemartin92 was initially going for, but the macrame brought the overall look to a funky, eclectic place that makes the finished piece so much cooler.