Why Brass Trunks Are My Favorite Way to Tie a Room Together

published Mar 15, 2019
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(Image credit: JM Lyon)

Growing up, we had a few trunks in my house from my mom’s and grandma’s childhood days. They were worn-looking and covered in stickers from summer camp and travels, but they didn’t exactly catch my eye.

As I grew older and started decorating my own apartment, I began to spot brass trunks all over Pinterest and fell for them, hard. Unlike the black, weathered trunks we’d had in our basement, these were shiny, glam-looking, and much more my style.

The only problem is that finding a brass trunk for an affordable price can be a bit of a challenge. Many options online cost hundreds of dollars, especially when shipping is taken into account. However, after scouring Craigslist multiple times, I came across some great options and am now the proud owner of not one, but two brass trunks, one small and one large.

The large trunk was one of my first purchases for my current apartment. I wasn’t sure exactly where I’d put it, but I knew that it would be great for storage and add a fun, vintage touch to my space. I ended up using it in my little sitting area upstairs, where it doubles as a coffee table. The inside is great for storing everything from books to athletic equipment to extra blankets, and while the piece is heavy, it’s sturdy and will continue to hold up for quite some time.

(Image credit: Heather Bien)

Trunks also look great at the end of a bed, up against a window, or as a side table. You really can’t go wrong, and if you’re a fellow small space dweller like me, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this storage option sooner! Plus, it doesn’t matter whether your style is glam, classic, or boho—brass trunks work regardless.

Looking for a brass trunk of your own? It may require a bit of a hunt unless you’re willing to shell out some major cash (these Chairish options are stunners), but Craigslist, Etsy, and flea markets are great places to begin. The smaller trunk that I have only cost me $20 (it was such a deal that I honestly couldn’t believe it!), so it’s worth being patient and checking your favorite sites frequently. It seems like we always come across the best finds when we’re least expecting to, after all!