My Go-To Bath Sheets Are Infinitely Better Than Traditional Towels — And They’re on Sale

updated Jun 18, 2024
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I live in a rental apartment with my fiancé, so there are only so many changes and DIYs I can make. With permission from my landlord, I painted the walls and swapped out lots of builder-grade fixtures throughout my space. But my bathroom has seen the least amount of upgrades, so I’ve been living with a hulking mirrored vanity, boring toilet-paper holder, and impractical bifold closet doors.

However, I’ve found that the best way to really customize my home is to invest in high-quality furnishings and textiles. I’m definitely not settling on the items I have control over, like nice toiletries and snuggly, enveloping bath sheets, so you bet I’m waiting for these little luxuries to go on sale to keep my wallet happy.

In fact, my absolute favorite Brooklinen bath sheets are 15 percent off right now for a limited time.

Wait, What’s a Bath Sheet? 

If you’ve never heard of a bath sheet, you’re in for a treat. A bath sheet is basically an oversized bath towel, but this description alone doesn’t do justice.

If you love the feeling of wrapping your body in a warm, fluffy beach towel after getting out of the pool or ocean, then you’d love a bath sheet. Because beach towels are so big, they feel more like a blanket than a towel — a luxury as opposed to a purely utilitarian item. Bath sheets provide this same comfort to your post-shower routine; they wrap you in a soft embrace you want to linger in. 

To give you a sense of sizing, regular bath towels are approximately 30 inches by 58 inches, while bath sheets are approximately 40 inches by 65 inches, which means they have about 860 square inches of extra fabric over a standard bath towel. 

What’s So Great About Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Bath Sheets? 

After years of flitting from bathroom to bedroom in towels that felt more like loincloths, the discovery of bath sheets — particularly Brooklinen’s super-plush bath sheets — checked off multiple boxes for me. They evoke the same feeling of lounging in a fluffy hotel bathrobe, yes, but they’re also far more size-inclusive. 

If you can relate to the disappointment of trying to wrap a towel around your body after showering, only to find that your most sensitive bits are still uncovered, I encourage you to try a bath sheet. They’re large enough to wrap around most people, and you can tuck it tightly around yourself while you do your multi-step skincare routine, blow-dry your hair, and pick out your outfit. 

Needless to say, as someone who was repeatedly disappointed by typically sized bath towels, I’ve appreciated the rise in popularity of bath sheets. I’ve dried my body off with a slew of different towels throughout the years (both for personal use and editorial testing), but fell head over heels for Brooklinen’s super-plush bath sheets, thanks to their generous size and the super-soft, fluffy, Turkish cotton pile. 

I own these particular towels in the modern Marled Black colorway as well as the perfectly neutral Vanilla. They’re an investment, but one that’s well worth it — especially because they’re marked down during Brooklinen’s sale, where you can take 15 percent off everything across the site, including my beloved bath sheets

As for me, I’ll take the bath sheets with me when we move, or maybe even treat myself to a new set because there’s not a chance I’d go back to a standard-sized towel. 

Buy: Brooklinen Super-Plush Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets, 2 Sheets, $101.15 (normally $119)