12 Great Budget Sources for Buying Plants Online

updated Dec 20, 2022
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If you’re wondering where to buy cheap plants for your home, rest assured that you no longer have to leave the comfort of your couch to curate your houseplant collection or head into a nursery to pick up an extra hydrangea bush for your backyard. It’s great to shop local when you can, but if you feel like you need a fix of greenery right now, all you need to do is take out your phone during your evening Netflix binge. And you can have anything from a Chinese Money plant to a Juniper shrub delivered straight to your front door — without breaking the bank. 

Where to buy cheap plants? It’s true that not all online plant retailers are created equal. Ahead are some of the best places to shop for popular houseplants online with your budget in mind. Now all you have to do is figure out how to keep them thriving!

1. Terrain

For a vast selection of some of today’s hottest houseplants and succulents, like Monstera, Ficus and pencil cacti, visit upscale plant provider Terrain. They sell indoor, outdoor and faux plants, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re seeking for your space. The site can even be your one-stop-shop for other items, like tabletop decor, baskets and even skincare essentials. 

Buy: Potted Monstera Deliciosa, $118 from Terrain 

2. Walmart

Looking for bargain blooms? Look no further than Walmart. After all, where else can you snag a philodendron for only $10? The online retailer has a wide variety, like air plants, succulents and even houseplant bundles, which feature a selection of houseplants with similar light and watering needs. 

Buy: 4-inch potted Philodendron, $9.99, Walmart.com

Credit: Bloomscape

3. Bloomscape

Bloomscape sends potted plants shipped directly from their greenhouse, so you won’t receive any neglected warehouse ferns that look like they’re on their last legs. If you’re a plant novice, the site makes it easy to find what might be the best for you—you can narrow down your selection by choosing the level of growing difficulty, pet friendliness, and whether or not you’re looking for something for your home office.

They also set you up with customized tips and tricks to make sure your newest additions survive. No more wilted Fiddle-leaf figs by the sofa! And if you still feel like your blooms are fading, they have real-time expert support where you can email, tweet, or call them for some guidance—as they say, “Plant Mom is standing by!”

Buy: Bromeliad Guzmania Yellow, $39 from Bloomscape

Credit: The Sill

4. The Sill

The Sill is all about—you guessed it—windowsill-friendly potted plants. You can choose between mini plants that sprout from one to three inches, small plants that grow from three to five inches, and medium plants that reach a manageable six to nine inches. Anything larger that’s live can only be ordered in the NY or LA metro areas. But what makes The Sill special is that it’s encouraging to those who think they’re cursed with a black thumb.

Not only do they have a curated collection devoted to beginners, but they also have lots of resources available for your entire “Plant Parenthood” journey. If you feel like your ZZ Plant is more work than you originally thought, you can get some pointers virtually with their consultation service. And the best part? Plants start at just $5.

Buy: ZZ Plant in Small August Sonora Planter, $98 from The Sill

5. Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery started out as a neighborhood tree nursery and has since grown into a place where you can get everything from rose bushes for your patio to avocado trees for your backyard to ferns for your balcony. You can choose between trees, bushes, fruit, perennials, grasses, and roses, and while they might not have a large selection of houseplants, you can get flower bulbs and grow your own. They ship nationwide, and your order will come complete with planting, care, and storage instructions, so you’ll know exactly what to do the moment you sign for it.

Buy: Marble Queen Pothos, $34.79 from Nature Hills Nursery

6. Amazon

You can get everything on Amazon, including live plants. However, be aware that sometimes, live plants can take longer to ship than other items, even if you are an Amazon Prime member. Amazon launched their garden shop back in 2017, and it lets you browse everything from parlor palms to trendy succulents and delicate orchids. You can filter between house plants, garden plants, and patio plants, depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

Buy: Majesty Palm, $36.13 from Amazon

7. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm has been a family-run nursery since 1950. This is a great spot to browse if you’re looking to update your front yard or wash your garden in color. You can scroll through daffodils, tulips, peonies, perennials, shrubs, and vines to find exactly what you need.

Buy: Lavender ‘Rosea,’ $13.95 from White Flower Farm

Credit: Horti

8. Horti

Horti is designed for city dwellers, sending hardy, hard-to-kill indoor plants straight to your apartment. In the beginning you’ll get easy-to-maintain species, and as the months pass, you will be upgraded to more exotic varieties as your skill level, er, blooms. Or you can opt to purchase one-off plants instead of using the subscription model.

Buy: Jade Plant, Starting at $16 from Horti

Credit: Afloral

9. Afloral

This online emporium not only stocks beautiful silk and dried flowers, but they also have nicely curated faux and live plant sections as well. We’re impressed by the look of the concrete and ceramic planters that some of the smaller live styles ship in. And prices are pretty competitive for the larger live varieties, which come in standard plastic grow pots. Note that live plant sales are final.

Buy: Fake Snake Plant in Terracotta Pot, $16.95 from Afloral

Credit: Urban Stems

10. Urban Stems

If you want to gift a plant to a friend or loved one for a special occasion, try Urban Stems. Most of the houseplants they carry are easy-care, on the smaller side, and ship in cute ceramic planters. So go ahead, and give the gift of greenery—or order something fun for yourself.

Buy: The Monet, $90 from Urban Stems 

Credit: Greendigs

11. Greendigs

No matter what you’re looking for, you can count on Greendigs to deliver beautiful houseplants that will elevate your space — plus everything you need to help them thrive. Each Greendigs plant is hand-selected with the help of industry experts and arrives potted, with a plant care kit, plant food, and a display rope. Greendigs partners with innovators and artisans on their stylish and versatile containers, like Burley clay pots, which are known for their quality and ability to regulate moisture. All you have to do is unbox your plant and make it your own!

Buy: Red Chinese Evergreen Plant, From $46.75 from Greendigs

Credit: Plants.com

12. Plants.com

The name says it all—Plants.com is a one-stop shop for all of your indoor gardening needs. It isn’t quite as curated as some of the others on this list, but that just means you’ll have to do a little digging to find the right plant for you and your space. Use the navigation to shop for anything from low- to bright-light plants, browse by species’ size, and see a list of suggested plants to gift. AT readers get an exclusive 15 percent off sitewide with code APARTMENTPLANTS15. Free shipping is available on all orders over $75.00.

Buy: Snake Plant, From $67.99 from Plants.com