The Game-Changing Cooling Sheets That Ended My Struggle to Sleep in the Summer Heat

updated Mar 17, 2022
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I might be alone in this, but I dread the summer. I can’t stand the heat (especially in New York City), I don’t enjoy going to beaches or pools, and, worst of all, I always have trouble sleeping. That’s mainly because I need some kind of cover on top of me in order to slip into a slumber — yes, even on the hottest nights — and I’ve struggled for years to find the best summer bedding option. I’ve tried the comforter-and-air conditioner combo, and while the comforter’s weight feels nice, I usually wake up freezing in the middle of the night. Using just a cotton percale top sheet (with and without AC) has proven to be pointless, because it’s so weightless that I cannot fall asleep at all. And a lightweight blanket? Also a bust, because I always overheat. So, yeah, summer nights have pretty much always been a nightmare up until recently, when I got to try Buffy’s cooling Eucalyptus Sheets. Turns out they were the answer to this sweaty sleeper’s prayers.

I actually hated these sheets when they first arrived. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) As I took the set out of the package and ran my fingers over the 100 percent eucalyptus fiber material, it felt cool to the touch and… weird. It wasn’t really soft but silky, like a negligee. And the 300-thread count material was super thin and see-through — also like a negligee. Basically, I felt like I was enveloped in a giant, flimsy negligee when I slipped into bed that night. I actually had trouble sleeping, because the sheets felt unnatural and way too light, and I even worried that my toes or fingers might poke a hole through the fabric. The next five nights weren’t any better, and then I did something that made all the difference: I washed them.

I know I should have done that immediately after unpackaging the set, but I didn’t realize how drastically it would improve the quality. After a spin in the washer and dryer, the big, flimsy negligee magically transformed into a set of ridiculously soft, durable sheets. The thin, silky fabric turned thicker and almost cottony, similar to a light, well-worn T-shirt. As I got into bed that night, the sheets felt cool and luxurious — I almost couldn’t stop running my hands over them because they felt so nice. The top sheet was now the perfect weight to help me fall asleep, and because it’s made from eucalyptus fiber, it was breathable enough that I didn’t need to run the air conditioner — during a heatwave, no less!

I was so comfortable, in fact, that I slept all the way through to the next morning. This was a pleasant surprise, since I was used to waking up several times in the middle of the night, sweating and alternating between covering and uncovering myself in an effort to get comfortable. But Buffy’s Eucalyptus Sheets — which come in nine colors, six sizes — were designed to regulate body temperature, and they seriously live up to the hype.

I’m thrilled to say that these sheets have put an end to my restless nights. Even on the steamiest, stickiest evenings, I am able to sleep soundly with just the window open and the top sheet as my cover. While I never will be a fan of summer, I will rest a little easier knowing that when the heat and humidity hits, these sheets will help me keep my cool.

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