I Can’t Stop Talking About My Burrow Sofa — and It’s on Sale!

updated Sep 1, 2023
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Let me set the scene for you: I’m newly 24 and have just arrived in New York City. I’m living in a fifth-floor walkup with two roommates, and we do not have any seating. Wary of secondhand sofas because, well, bedbugs, I order a $150 gray futon from Target that is perfectly fine. What’s the big deal about sofas anyway?

Then I start working at Apartment Therapy and find that I am hit with a constant stream of sofa information. It turns out, dear reader, that you (our audience) cannot get enough sofa content. Sleeper sofas, budget sofas, loveseats — if it’s something you sit in, we write about it. And we’re equally passionate about it! Sofas are amazing. They are the statement of your living area, no matter what it looks like or how small it is. It’s where your guests gather, where you eat bowls of pasta five nights in a row, and where you spend most of your time after your bed.

All of this is to say that I now know sofas, and I get it, and I’ve written about them so much that it was getting a little absurd that my own sofa was so… sad. I’d known about Burrow for a few months and heard plenty about their increasingly popular Nomad collection. So I upgraded to their Corner Sectional, which you can get right now for $580 off (and save hundreds on other Burrow’s seating, storage, and rug items) during their Labor Day sale.

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Burrow is known for their modular furniture that is easy to assemble and take apart, making it ideal for renters who might live in, let’s say, three apartments in two years (yup, that’s me). The main thing that attracted me was the customization, particularly with the Corner Sectional: You can choose between an L-shaped and U-shaped configuration, with options for five, six, or seven seats. My roommate and I chose to make an L-shape with five seats because that’s what worked best for our space.

Our baby arrived in seven boxes, which, yes, was a real challenge to get up the stairs (at least now I live in a third-floor walkup). The boxes were all very clearly labeled in big font with arrows showing which side to open, which we appreciated. When we finally buckled down to put it all together, we honestly weren’t sure what to expect, but the process was (mostly) painless and took, in all, about an hour.

The thing that made us happiest was not needing to use any tools. Since it came in so many boxes, we were a little nervous that drilling would have to be involved, but thankfully we were in the clear. The seats connect with a variety of latches, as do the arms. The legs are attached with steel pins, but you just twist them in yourself. Once we got going and found our groove, we had everything put together in no time (but it definitely felt like a workout).

Like I said, the sofa is totally modular. If we decide to take off a seat for some reason (like after moving into a smaller space, perhaps), we can do that (and add more as well). This piece actually grows with you, and I feel pretty confident that I’ll have it for a very long time. That also has to do with the quality — it’s upholstered in a tight olefin fiber weave that’s naturally scratch- and stain-resistant, and the frame is made of sturdy birch. It’s also just really pretty, with a classic mid-century modern design and attractive (and practical!) navy fabric. (You can also pick gray, white, red, and charcoal.)

Credit: Nicole Lund
Our sofa!

The final verdict? We all (my roommate, myself, and the sofa) are so happy together. We’re still workshopping names for our new friend, but for now, we’re just focusing on getting to know each other. I am, naturally, writing this from the sofa, with my legs stretched out on the longer section. Earlier I watched two episodes of “Killing Eve” and ate, yes, a bowl of plain spaghetti in this very spot, and was deeply comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

It’s an expensive purchase, but if you’re willing to save up for a great piece of furniture, this is one that I highly recommend (the regular Nomad sofa‘s sale price is $1279). And with Burrow’s Labor Day sale going on, now is the perfect time to shop!

Buy: Slope Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional, $2319 (normally $2899)