7 Tweets That Hilariously Sum Up How Hard It Is to Buy a House

published Mar 10, 2019
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Buying a home can be an incredibly stressful process. Although it’s exciting to look forward to having a new space to call your own, anyone who’s been through it before can tell you it’s not always as fun as it looks on HGTV.

From trying to figure out what you can actually afford, to finding the right real estate agent, to the delicate art of making an offer, the home-buying process is not without its craze-inducing moments.

As with everything in life, it’s a little bit easier if you can laugh at it. Whether you’re still toying with the idea of first-time home ownership, or real estate transactions are old hat for you, you’re sure to at least snort in recognition at these seven tweets.

1. This person who knows millennials can’t win when it comes to the economy

For the record, too much avocado toast is not the reason most millennials can’t afford to buy a home.

2. But at least they’re not the ones responsible for wall-to-wall carpeting

3. This is something I should know by now, right?

*Covertly googling all the big words my real estate agent throws around*

4. Once you download real estate listing apps, there’s no looking back

Where is the lie, though?

5. When you learn what an HOA is

Who cares more about where you park your car, than your opinion or long-term savings goals? Your HOA, that’s who.

6. The struggle is real when it comes to applying for a home loan

…yeah that sounds about right.

7. When you realize what exactly you’re giving up renting

Now that you’re house poor, you at least can burn the 250-page disclosure documents to stay warm.

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