These Stylish, TSA-Friendly Toiletry Capsules Finally Solved My Biggest Packing Dilemma

published May 4, 2022
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I consider myself a pretty efficient traveler, but there’s one part of flying that’s continuously been a pain point for me: fitting my (extremely high maintenance) beauty routine into one quart-sized plastic bag. As a beauty junkie and former beauty editor, I’ve collected an impressive amount of travel-sized products, but I can never seem to squeeze them all in that tiny bag. From sunscreen and retinol to moisturizers for both day and night, I’ve got a lengthy list of products I can’t live without, no matter where I’m going. But recently, I finally discovered a product that solved this packing conundrum once and for all. Thanks to Cadence’s stylish, customizable, and super functional travel capsules, I never have to skimp on my skincare or haircare routine when I’m on vacation. Now that I have these handy packing helpers, I also don’t have to run out to the drugstore at the last minute to get a TSA-sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner. So, it’s safe to say that these small (but mighty!) containers have taken a lot of stress out of my packing process.

Aside from looking like a work of art, Cadence’s travel capsules are pretty smart, too. They’re magnetic, so they fit super compactly inside my plastic liquids bag. Most importantly, they’re leakproof so you don’t have to worry about a mess waiting for you when you land.

With the customizable set of six, you can choose everything from the color of each capsule to the label or icon, so you know exactly what’s inside without even opening it. Seriously, these things may be tiny, but they’ve made a major improvement in my travel routine. And dare I say it: I now look forward to dispensing my beauty products for a vacation!

Credit: Tamara Kraus

But the perks of these pods don’t end with the product itself. One of my favorite features on Cadence’s website is the Capacity Calculator, which you can find linked in the product description. You can select from a dropdown of things you might put inside — from an oil cleanser to gel toothpaste — and it tells you how many uses you’ll get out of each container if you fill it to the top (taking into consideration that you might use some products twice a day). Genius!

You can also use these little helpers for more than just liquids. They’re the ideal size for supplements, too. So, if your clunky vitamin organizer just isn’t cutting it anymore, might I suggest swapping it for this more compact (and cute!) version that can hold your vitamins and then some? There’s truly an infinite number of uses for these containers, so with summer travel ahead, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to something that’ll eliminate one stress point in your packing prep.

Buy: Cadence Travel Capsules, Set of Six, $74 (normally $84 if purchased individually)