This $15 Room Spray Is So Good (and It Doesn’t Just Cover Up Bad Smells!)

published Jan 7, 2024
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Credit: Minette Hand

I’m a homebody, and feathering my nest is one of my favorite things to do. Creating a space where my family, guests, and I can rest, recharge, be together, and make memories is a hobby and a creative outlet. 

Since my family and I moved to a new home and a new state, I’ve had many opportunities to enjoy our new house as a “canvas.” I’ve decorated my kids’ rooms, experimented with arrangements for my office, scoured Facebook for furniture, and have even learned new skills like how to use a miter saw to add picture frame molding to our living room (and now the dining room). 

One thing that’s always made me feel a bit self-conscious about our home, though, is how it smells. I know that inhabitants become so used to the smells of their own homes that they don’t even really notice them, and I wonder and worry, honestly, whether guests can tell that we have dogs by being smacked in the face with dog smells when they walk in. 

Additionally, other house smells (like roasted broccoli, laundry detergent scents, etc.) meld into the air and make up a home’s distinctive scent that may or may not be pleasant. Especially during the winter, when it’s harder to get a cross-breeze of fresh air going with open windows, I worry that our home’s indoor air might be mildly off-putting. 

As someone who’s highly sensitive, it’s really important to me that my house’s olfactory impression be a good one. I don’t like using overpowering, artificial fragrance sprays in my home; candles add a nice scent, but they’re not the safest option, especially around children and pets. 

When Caldrea, a company that specializes in signature home scents, offered to send me a set of its cleaning products, including a room spray, I was eager to try it out. I picked the Orange Blossom Bamboo scent based partially on its fragrance profile of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom and partially on the looks of the gorgeous labels! 

The cleaning spray and dish soap are great, and I always appreciate cleaning with a nicely scented product, but what really blew me away was the Orange Blossom Bamboo Linen and Room Spray

This room spray is unlike any other room spray or home fragrance I’ve tried before. It’s strong enough to be noticeable, but light enough to feel like a barely there top note rather than a cloying fragrance that’s attempting to mask something else. And unlike other more natural products I’ve tried before, the fragrance lasts an exceptionally long time. In short, the scent is heavenly without being too strong or artificial, yet it lingers. Within a few hours of trying the room spray, I put it on my Amazon Subscribe & Save. 

Having a room freshening product that doesn’t smell like I’m covering up a bad smell gives me so much confidence when inviting people into my home. Plus, it adds an extra layer of coziness and personalization that goes a long way in making our home feel like our home. It makes me so happy, and is by far one of my favorite home finds.

Buy: Caldrea Orange Blossom Bamboo Linen and Room Spray, $14.96