The $19 Two-in-One Product I Won’t Travel Without (It Fits in the Palm of My Hand!)

published Mar 5, 2024
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When it comes to efficient travel, I consider myself a pro. I have a go-to travel outfit and a strategic packing system for my carry-on and checked luggage. I always leave for the airport two hours before my boarding time so I have time to grab a bite. And when it comes to products that make my travel days easier, from comfortable travel pillows to compact packing cubes, I feel like I’ve tried them all.

Despite all this, the one thing I can’t seem to stay on top of when traveling is keeping all of my devices charged up. For years, I’ve been searching for a portable charger that’s both stylish and functional. They’re usually so bulky and cumbersome — having to charge something else just to keep my other devices charged? It seems silly. But when you’re in the air for hours at a time with unreliable (or nonexistent) outlets, a portable charger becomes a necessity. 

I had almost given up on my search, ready to relegate myself to dealing with dead devices, until one fateful day when I came across a stylish luggage tag that doubles as a portable charger on Calpak’s website. 

What is the Calpak Portable Charger?

Calpak’s Portable Charger is a compact battery charger that fits snugly within a chic luggage tag. It features a USB charging port and supplies 2500 mAh worth of power, which is just enough for most of my domestic traveling. It ships with a cable that you can use to recharge the battery, along with a lightning adapter to charge iPhone models up to the 14. For iPhone 15s and Android phones, you’ll need a separate USB-A to USB-C cable. 

The luggage tag itself is faux leather but reads like a luxury accessory with a beautiful finish that’s available in mocha and red. Like any proper luggage tag, it also includes a paper card that you can fill out with all of your personal information. The item currently has more than 265 reviews on Calpak’s website awarding it an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars — a consensus I wholeheartedly agree with. The best part? It’s currently on sale for 40% off, making it a steal for just $19.

Credit: Tori Simokov

Why I Love the Calpak Portable Charger

I’m someone who really appreciates two things: good design and products that make my life easier. Calpak’s clever combination of luggage tag and portable charger checks both boxes. It’s a beautiful yet durable accessory that looks great on my luggage (the red color looks especially striking against the silver sheen of my carry-on) and doubles as a utility that’s so easy to grab whenever I’m low on power.

Although I’ve only owned the Calpak Portable Charger for a few months, it’s already traveled with me on several flights and train rides. It’s come in handy while I’m en route, but it’s also super easy to throw in my purse or attach to a larger bag while I’m exploring my destination. With an impressive amount of battery life for its size, a full charge usually lasts me around eight hours.

On my most recent travel day, I was booked on an early-morning flight. I realized my phone hadn’t charged properly the night before and, to make matters worse, the outlets on the plane weren’t working. A situation that would have panicked me previously, but all I had to do was reach into the overhead bin and slip the charger out of its luggage tag. Crisis averted!

Having the Calpak Portable Charger on hand when traveling gives me something priceless: peace of mind. It’s one less thing to worry about, and it’s saved me on both short hops and long-haul flights alike. I’ve seen other seasoned travelers talk about their favorite plug adapters, which are great, but they can’t help you while you’re on the go or in the air.

Calpak’s Portable Charger is the perfect travel companion for people like me who appreciate a multi-use tool that doubles as a beautiful accessory. The next time you find yourself begrudgingly packing a bulky eyesore of a portable charger for a trip, do yourself a favor and pick this one up instead — especially while it’s still on sale!