Camilla’s Colorful Bayside Rental in Melbourne

updated Feb 20, 2019
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(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Name: Camilla Molders
Location: Middle Park; Melbourne, Australia
Size: Small! A one-bedroom apartment
Years lived in: 2 years; Rented

Camilla‘s bright and colourful home in the gorgeous Melbourne suburb of Middle Park reminds me of the sun twinkling on the ocean on a bright Summer’s day. With the perfect cut and clarity of jewel tones and a whole swag of art to feast the senses, this little apartment is no shrinking wallflower…

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Floor resin ‘spills’ at the front door immediately attract interest (Image credit: Leanne Bertram)
(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Camilla is an interior designer who shares this gorgeous older-style apartment with Trevuur the cat, and a growing collection of art. There are lots of pops of reds, blues and greens and plants galore, and the home opens delightfully out onto a sun-filled courtyard from both the dining room and the bedroom, filling the space with light and fresh air.

As always with my home tours, I need to remind myself that I can’t stay forever, and that as much as I’d like to, taking mementos of my visit would really be called stealing. (Plus it’s really hard to disguise artworks under your shirt.)

But enough of my convict aspirations— and over to Camilla:

(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Arty & eclectic

Inspiration: Colour .. and not stagnant!

Favorite Element: Colour – it makes my home feels invigorating

Biggest Challenge: As I rent the apartment, the biggest challenge is that I can’t easily change anything to my whim, which as a designer, can be quite frustrating!

What Friends Say: Friendly, warm, welcoming, and full of talking points

Biggest Embarrassment: I *hate* the bedroom feature wallpaper. It’s a murky maroon damask pattern that is just not me. I don’t feel much love for the shabby chic lighting either, but I can ignore that and just use my lamps.

Proudest DIY: I do love my entrance light box radio I painted up.

Biggest Indulgence: Art! I’m running out of wall space! Nothing in my collection is expensive price-wise, but every piece has a meaning to me and a story to match. I always wanted to live in a home surrounded by art, and that is certainly what I do!

Dream Sources: Art galleries, fabric suppliers, furniture suppliers

(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Resources of Note:


  • As they came. I was so happy the floors were painted white. Moving in to a white wall, white floor space allows my colours to pop!


  • Vintage radio – from a thrift market years ago, painted up and re purposed as a light box
  • Aboriginal Painting – from a gallery in Darwin when I was there for a friends’ wedding
  • Ceramic Vase – a gift from talented potter friend Ilona Topolcsanyi (of Cone 11)
  • Floor Resin – I recently visited my artist friend Megan Weston‘s studio, who creates beautiful large scale resin paintings. I’ve become a little obsessed with her floor ( in fact printing a photograph of it onto fabric and using it on cushions in my living room and a curtain in my bedroom ), so when I saw some resin drips, I nabbed them and have them as a little bit of interesting!


  • Art over fireplace .. One of my most fave pieces in my collection – Chair Painting, by Grant Anthony Cohen. I saw it at an art fair and knew it had to be mine..
  • Red arrows – a gift from a clever and lovely Melbourne paper artist Dee Kelly. They arrived in the mail one day – such a lovely and thoughtful surprise!
  • Hippo PlanterWhite Moose Design
  • Collection of Glassware – I have a bit of a glass fetish, and these are just some that I have found in various places over the years – markets, antique stores .. I always keep an eye out for pieces that I love.
  • Book Sculpture by Jenny Laidlaw – my most recent purchase. I saw this in a gallery and knew it had to come and live with me!
  • Lichtenstein Poster – I got this a couple of years ago after a big life change as a little life symbol to myself of where I am at the moment – fiercely independent and not in need of Brad’s help!
  • TV cabinet – I designed and had made a few years ago. it is solid timber and is perfect for hiding my media equipment from constant view.
  • Rugmy own design. I love rugs and often design custom rugs for my projects. I love playing with the pile heights and create a more sculpured piece.
  • Cat & Japanese Doll Art by a friend of mine – Daniel Truscott, who is an extremely talented artist. I *love* his paintings – they are so graphic and I can stare at them for hours! I plan on one day commissioning him to paint a huge fish for me – it will happen, but I may need a bigger house with more wall space for this!


  • Art – large painting called “Gods Contemplating the Universe” by a Melbourne artist, Rehgan de Mather. Purchased many years ago now ( 14yrs! ) and I still love it – it’s certainly a talking point in my home.
  • Dining table – the tabletop was rejected by a client, so I decided to keep it for myself and teamed it up with a base – it’s my perfect dining table!
  • Dining Chairs – I paint and reupholster as my whim takes me!


  • I’m no fan of laminate benchtops, but it’s a room that serves its purpose
  • Sculpture by my extremely clever aunt, Johneen Wood


  • Veneer Pegasus – purchased from a student art auction years ago
  • Diplodocus PlanterWhite Moose Design
  • Assorted clocks – all different places, markets etc. The first one I bought for 50cents at Camberwell Market when I was 15, collecting ever since!


  • More resin offcuts from Megan Weston‘s studio floor – a little kick for a small plain room to add interest.


  • Art – purchased at a student auction at RMIT
(Image credit: Leanne Bertram)

Thanks, Camilla!

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