How To Easily Insert a Candle Into a Candlestick, According To a Witch

published Oct 14, 2022
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It doesn’t require sorcery, just hot water.

TikTok user and witch @salvaje_wild_witch recently posted a hack that lets you insert a candle into a candlestick with ease. In her video, she prepares a cup of boiling hot water and dips the end of the candle for a while. Once the wax is soft enough, she then puts the candle inside the holder, and it becomes a perfect fit.

According to her, it’s a little hack with a big impact. For one, the technique is less stressful than having to use brute force, twisting and turning the candle into the candlestick. 

It’s safer, too. A commenter shared that she used to carve her candles with a knife until they fit. Others argued that they just light another candle (or use a lighter) to melt the bottom. In response, @salvaje_wild_witch said:

“This is how I used to do it but it was never quite stable and always a bit messy! This is so much easier and never fails.”

Another commenter echoed the safety concerns with other methods: “Omgggg the amount of times I’ve burned myself from a molten lighter after trying to burn the ends, great tip!!”

With candle sconces on trend, this tip might get a lot of use in the future.