The $90 Upgrade That Made My Bathroom So Much Better

published Oct 15, 2021
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A constant conversation I’ve had with myself since I moved nearly a year ago has been what fragrances I want for my home. What can I say, I love when people walk into my apartment and comment on how good it smells! I have the living room, dining area, bedroom, and office covered with plug-ins, but the bathroom was always a struggle; I could never decide on a scent, I didn’t want to have something bulky plugged into the outlet, and a reed diffuser just didn’t feel like me. In my old place, I had one of those Hershey’s Kiss-shaped diffusers that blows mist and changes colors, but I eventually got lazy about refilling it with water. Plus, it didn’t really fit well anywhere in my new apartment.

So when I got the opportunity to test out a Canopy Diffuser for AT’s home fragrance diffuser Best List (It won Best Customizable!), I knew I’d found exactly what I was looking for. It’s been a constant staple in my bathroom ever since.

The Canopy Diffuser immediately intrigued me because it’s made from stone and doesn’t use water, which means there’s no need to worry about leakage, mold, or mineral buildup. It also has a more convenient shape and a playfully sleek appearance that blends into any room without sticking out like a sore thumb. This tiny gadget even offers two diffusion methods! The first is an aroma puck that nestles into a space in the middle of the vents, and you simply add a few drops of essential oil as needed. The second is a stone well that can hold a small bottle of Canopy’s signature aromas upside down as the oil slowly evaporates. The top fits onto the base of the diffuser with magnets, so it holds securely while also being super easy to remove and put back on. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it on my bathroom counter.

The Canopy Diffuser works best for areas up to 400 square feet, and a three-speed fan assists to spread the fragrance. I hardly run the fan on anything higher than low since the bathroom is such a small space. It’s also very quiet — so quiet that I sometimes have to put my hand over the diffuser to make sure it’s on! The only time I ever use the medium and high settings is when I refill the fragrance and want the scent to disperse a little faster, and even then, I turn it back down to low after about half an hour.

Credit: Canopy

My Canopy Diffuser came with the Sanctuary Aroma Kit, which includes Blackberry Vines, Freshwater Rose, and Suede Smoke. As I tend to lean more into spicy and musky scents, Suede Smoke is my favorite. Once those ran out, I went to the store and bought some more essential oil blends. The diffuser works with aromas from any brand, which is a big plus in my book. (Not that I don’t enjoy the oils from Canopy, but being able to use other blends significantly expands my fragrance options.) One thing to keep in mind if using your own essential oil blends is that, unless the bottle is the same size as the ones from Canopy, you’ll need to add your essential oils directly into the well.

Right now, I’m using a lemon ginger fragrance It’s such a nice burst of freshness every time I walk into the bathroom, and I love that I don’t have to constantly refill it with water or worry about mold or mildew. Of all of the fragrance accessories in my apartment, Canopy Diffuser is by far my favorite.

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