This $12 Tool Is a Must-Have If You Scream When You See a Bug in Your Home

published Jul 2, 2024
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Credit: Erin Derby

Sincere apologies to my neighbors, who likely heard an operatic scream coming from my apartment the other night. I was on my way to lock the door when I saw a massive millipede scrambling ghoulishly across the hardwood floor. I do not like bugs in my home, and if said bug has that many legs? I’m going to freak out. But recently I learned about an invention that could very well quell my insectophobia — or at least save myself from being the noisy neighbor. 

It’s the Carson BugView Quick-Release Bug Catching Tool, which is currently on sale on Amazon for $12. It’s a relatively simple gadget: Pull the lever, place the end of the tool over the bug you wish to catch, then release the lever, gently trapping the bug. The plastic prison stays sealed until you bring it outside and release the bug to freedom safely outside of your home. A win-win! 

Having a tool on hand designed specifically for these purposes would certainly help both parties involved lead a less stressful life. It’s the more elegant (and foolproof) version of a cup and a piece of cardboard, which of course runs the risk of letting the bug escape when my trembling hand shifts the paper out of place (thus freeing the bug back into my home, now with a vengeance). 

If it looks familiar, that’s likely because you’ve seen it in your feed (where I saw it, too). And I have to say, the comments make some important points. “Do they make an Australian size,” says one, hinting at the fact that the cage might not be big enough to entrap some insects (a chilling thought).

Others echo my sentiments exactly, generally wondering why the handle isn’t longer. In my experience, the opposite corner of the room from a bug is about as close as I’m willing to get, so using this eight-inch tool is a little close for comfort. 

Another feature I’m unlikely to use? The magnifying glass that gives you a zoomed-in view of the insect you catch once it’s in the trap. Honestly, just watching these Instagram Reels has me gagging, so I really don’t want to see a close-up view of a bug living in my apartment. I do think this would be a very cool tool for bug enthusiasts, though. 

As much as I may shudder at the thought of encountering a bug in my home, I do feel bad about smooshing or Raiding them — I’ve seen A Bug’s Life, and I have a heart! So if I can muster a little bravery to get close enough to these little guys and trap-and-release them to safety, surely anyone can.