This Game-Changing Glow Light Is the Sleep Solution I Wish I’d Tried Sooner (It’s on Sale!)

published Mar 13, 2024
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Credit: Casper

Besides St. Patrick’s Day and spring break, there’s another mid-March occasion that deserves to be marked on your calendar: Sleep Week! When this time of year comes around, the National Sleep Foundation dedicates it to highlighting the importance of a good night’s sleep to your well-being — and tons of bedding brands mark down their products. While there are certainly habits you can adopt to help you sleep better, an surefire way to make it happen is by upgrading your bedding. The sale prices make it even more painless!

When you hear “bedding,” you probably think of things like sheets and comforters first. However, there’s another often-overlooked category that can make a big difference in your routine: lighting. Along with their editor-loved mattresses and pillows, Casper offers a self-dimming glow light that helps you drift into deep sleep. One of our team members took it for a spin, and now she doesn’t know how she ever went without it. I saved the best news for last: It’s 20% off right now!

What is the Glow Light?

There’s nothing worse than needing to turn on the jarring overhead lights when you’re trying to wind down or wake up. That’s where the Glow Light comes in. Controlled by an app, it fades gradually while you drift off to sleep and brightens when it’s time to get the day started. Former editor Jasmine found that the effect, while improving her sleep habits, had a positive impact on her mood. She loved how it took up minimal space on her nightstand with its sleek design, too.

Another pro? “If you’re getting up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and don’t want to wake up your partner or kids, all you have to do is firmly shake the light back and forth and it becomes your personal flashlight,” she said.

Above all, though, she said that the real magic is in its smart dimming function. “This light has made me much less restless as I wind down for bed, and I’m able to fall asleep faster,” Jasmine wrote. “I like to get up around 6 a.m. to hit the gym before starting work, and the sun isn’t particularly beaming at that hour. Since using the Casper Glow Light, waking up isn’t as startling of an experience as it is when I rely solely on my phone’s alarm.”

Credit: Casper

What Casper Shoppers are Saying

Average Rating: 3.8/5

“I have had these for 2 years now and they have been the best thing for my sleep. I used to turn my alarm off without realizing it and wake up an hour later. With these, even if I sleep through my alarm, they still wake me up. They have made waking up so much easier by helping me adjust to daytime even when the sky is still dark. These are super durable and have fallen on tile floors a few times only to be just fine. Everything about them is so well thought out and serve their purpose perfectly.” – Caro25

“Really elegantly designed with numerous features but few buttons/parts. Easy to use and exactly what I wanted. I like to have dim warm lighting before bed and the morning part does effectively ease me into waking up. I had another light for that purpose I got years ago but it was so much larger uglier and didn’t have an app. I think I’ll buy this for my sister and friends.” – Nora

“I love my glow! I wake up before my family, and the light wakes me up gently, and I can move about the dark house without disturbing sleeping children!” – Bess

Where’s no better time to add this handy device to your setup than Sleep Week. Even though it veers toward the more expensive side, the impact that it’ll have on your quality of sleep is priceless.

Buy: Glow Light, $103.20 (normally $129)