This Country’s Homes Master Effortlessly Cool, Casual Vibes

published Dec 15, 2017
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(Image credit: Federico Paul)

Nothing is really worse than a too stiff and stuffy home. When a home feels more like a museum and less like a place you doing your living in, it’s hard for you — or your guests — to relax. But these homes below are the very opposite of stiff; they’re beautiful spaces that are also casual and comfy, with an energy that feels vibrant and motivating.

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Though I haven’t had a look inside every single home in Argentina, from the ones I have seen this year, they all had two things in common. And these commonalities result in what I consider to be the perfect crossroad of beauty and comfort. The homes we toured this year had an effortless mastery of cool and casual vibes…all while showcasing the personalities of those living in them. The residents of these homes in Buenos Aires all do these two things:

Display collections with fervor

Never before have I seen such incredible examples of how to display lots of collections in the home…without it feeling overwhelming or too cluttered. From plates on the wall, to collections on steps, to dioramas on a table and a whole lot more, each of the homes below managed to fill nearly every inch of space with beloved items collected over the years. Many of the folks in these homes incorporated tried and true methods to contain their collections, like grouping items that are alike, and using shelves wisely.

Embrace affordable building materials

Another element I noticed in all of the homes below is that there’s a mix of low-priced building materials and found objects used in stylish, modern ways. The combination is a budget-friendly way to design a home. There’s over-sized sliding doors made from cheap particle board. There’s a wood-paneled wall made from recycled materials. There’s even art made from framed shopping bags! The lesson that can be gleaned is that no home should be too precious for affordable materials; it’s the way you incorporate them into your home that can elevate their look.

Bonus: Consider adding this blue accent color

I didn’t see this in every single home from Argentina we toured this year, but a very specific bold, cobalt blue showed up in various ways in many of the homes in Buenos Aires. It could be the accent color your home needs.

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