I Bought This “Must-Have” CB2 Table & It Created an Instant Entryway

published Feb 9, 2024
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blue entry way with art, mirror, console table

My lovely, charming, yet small apartment opens up directly into the kitchen and adjacent living room, so I sadly lack any sort of entryway area with storage. I do, however, have a little sliver of wall space — 34 inches long, to be exact — in the living room between my hallway and coat closet that I wanted to maximize as a makeshift entry area of sorts. Copying the couple who lived in the unit before me, I ordered a display-worthy bamboo shoe rack from Urban Outfitters to style in that spot (with close proximity to my front door) and filled it with my favorite pairs. 

I quickly discovered that this setup wasn’t doing it for me, though — the shoe rack felt clunky and obtrusive on the floor and left a ton of empty wall space above it. Plus, I didn’t love the fact that my sneakers and boots were one of the first visuals people got when walking into my apartment. I decided a narrow console table would be a better use of the space and searched high and low for a piece that would fit. But most everything I came across was just a few inches too long or way too deep for such a high-traffic area.

Luckily, around that time, one specific product started popping up all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds: CB2’s best-selling Niche Neutral Burl Wood Console. I saw this vintage-inspired, small-scale piece positioned in tight areas just like mine — often with an ottoman or two underneath for extra seating or storage — or even functioning as a TV stand or living room accessory. I checked the price (a reasonable but not inexpensive $499) and instantly thought “no way,” but still kept revisiting it and debating for months. 

In January 2022, I finally ordered this piece from CB2 — and over two years later, I have zero regrets, other than not ordering it sooner! At 34 inches wide and just 11 inches deep (yes, it’s that narrow), the table’s dimensions are spot-on; its super-slim silhouette takes up minimal space and perfectly nestles into my living room nook, down to the inch. That said, I still have plenty of surface area to get creative with the fun part: tabletop styling. In fact, this piece has undergone quite the transformation in the time I’ve had it. I initially added a few candles and a small piece of antique art, pictured below, but it’s now my go-to spot for stacking (and constantly swapping out) new coffee table books.

Taking a cue from inspiration images on social media, I also put a striped skirted storage ottoman from The Inside directly underneath it. That’s where I stash purses and tote bags, so they’re all conveniently organized in one place. The ottoman does jut out a little bit, given the narrow depth of the table, but this makes it easier for me to take the lid off and grab anything inside before I head out the door. There’s even room left over to pile old magazines alongside the ottoman, too — further proof that you can fill the surrounding floor area with absolutely anything (including books or small baskets). I also hung a simple squiggle mirror on the wall right above the console, which fully converts this formerly bland blank space into a legitimate “entry” vignette. 

Credit: Blair Donovan
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Best of all, this table’s swirled burl wood finish complements my minimalist, Scandi-inspired apartment aesthetic, although the neutral-toned frame would look pretty in practically any space. It’s simple enough, too, that I can decorate around it however I want and use the piece for years, regardless of whether I move or my interior style evolves. For something slightly darker, though, CB2 also released a charcoal-hued burl iteration. Both colorways come in longer, 54 inch sizes that could arguably double as desks or modern sideboards. The piece is fairly lightweight overall — aka movable from room to room for a quick re-style — but the sturdy legs keep it steady once you’ve decided where to put it.

Ultimately, this durable burl wood console table has been my small-space must-have. I’m still shocked that it’s only 11 inches deep and has allowed me to cram so much within its deceptively diminutive footprint. I can even picture it styled as a bar cart or nightstand, too. Of course, it’s a splurge at $499 (and burl furniture does tend to be pricey, given the intricate knot patterning), but I’m so happy I bought this high-end-looking, versatile keepsake. It basically created a small entryway out of thin air and remains one of my most-complimented home pieces. If you’ve been on the fence about buying THE CB2 console table, or just need a chic-yet-compact “organizing” piece, let this be your sign to hop on the burl bandwagon

Buy: CB2 Niche Neutral Burl Wood Console Table, $499