Why You Need This Ceiling Fan Pull String That Has Over 8,000 Reviews and a Five-Star Rating

published Jan 2, 2021
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Credit: Minette Hand

Every time I visit my parents in their new house, I spend about five minutes getting unpacked and settled in the guest room, but like 10 minutes trying to figure out which pull string is for the ceiling fan and which one is for the light. At some point, I just give up and my parents come in to help, but instead the three of us end up standing there with our necks craned up toward the ceiling because they can never remember which cord is which, either. It’s an all-too-familiar scenario if you’ve ever stayed or lived anywhere that has a mounted ceiling fan and light.

But there’s finally a simple, affordable solution: The Ceiling Fan Pull Chain by SmoTecQ on Amazon. This beaded ball extension chain for ceiling fans helps you distinguish between the fan and the light with a decorative light bulb and a fan charm at the end of each cord.

Credit: Amazon

For $6.99, you get two pull chains. One is a 12.5-inch fan cord and the other is 13.5-inch light bulb cord, as well as two additional 12-inch extension chains. So if you have especially high ceilings, or if you’re on a the shorter side and are tired of standing on your tippy toes every time you need to adjust the light, the extension chains bring the total cord length to 24 inches. The pull chain is also available in bronze or silver, so you can pick one to match your ceiling fan.

With more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon and a full-five star rating, it’s clear that a lot of people felt my pain about the too-short, unlabelled ceiling fan pull chains.

“No more wondering which pull chain is which!” one reviewer wrote.

“I was CONSTANTLY mixing up the light and the fan,” another reviewer said. “Now there is absolutely no way even I can screw this up. I get what I want finally. I’m also able to reach the cords which is awesome. No more step stool.”

One reviewer rated it five stars and asked the question on everyone’s mind, “How did I survive before these???”

Now that we’re all spending so much time at home, resolving minor inconveniences like this can really make a big different in our daily home life. You can read more about the pull chains’ unique design features and buy one here.