9 Ceramic Lamps That’ll Make Any Room Feel Like a Modern Art Museum

published Feb 27, 2021
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While I would never suggest actually living in a modern art museum (too many precious items and breakables!), there’s one way to bring that same spirit into your own home: a sculptural ceramic lamp. Sure, you could opt for your run-of-the-mill bronze base or something with a conventional farmhouse aesthetic, but why do that when there are eye-catching, artsy ceramic lamps in the world just waiting to be switched on? 

For starters, there’s an artisanal quality to this kind of piece that adds noticeable texture to wherever you place it. Also, ceramic lamps are conversation starters; I would bet money that if you add a uniquely-shaped ceramic table lamp to your living room, your guests are going to remark on its beauty — even if they’re only seeing it over FaceTime or Zoom! Plus, let’s not forget the fact that ceramics are a time-honored tradition, and incorporating that type of artistry into a functional element of your home — like lighting — is pretty special. Ahead, you’ll find nine sculptural options to illuminate your space and expand your horizons with.   

Credit: CB2

Algarve Ceramic Table Lamp

This circular ceramic lamp is named after the southernmost region of Portugal and is handmade with locally-sourced clay. If that’s not enough, the hole in the center is a real attention-grabber, and its shape plays well with furniture that has clean mid-century lines.

Buy: Algarve Ceramic Table Lamp, $179.00 from CB2

Credit: SIN

Mima Table Lamp

Taking inspiration from the Mima Mounds of southwest Washington, this unique ceramic lamp is well-suited for anyone who wants to add a modern touch to their personal space. I love how it manages to artfully merge an exposed bulb with a sculptural base.

Buy: Mima Table Lamp, $181.00 from Food52

Mia Ceramic Table Lamp

The terracotta finish on this round ceramic base lends an earthy quality to this lamp that feels warm and homey. It would pair well with a cactus or a similar succulent on a side table or shelf tableau.

Buy: Mia Ceramic Table Lamp, $79.00 from Urban Outfitters

Alina Table Lamp

The subtle speckled pattern and the interesting angles of this ceramic lamp feel playful and out-of-the-box. You might be surprised, however, by just how much a different colored shade — choose from white, cream, burlap, or gray — can change the piece’s overall look.

Buy: Alina Table Lamp, $149.00 from Crate & Barrel

Credit: Wayfair

Donut Table Lamp

Because why wouldn’t you want a lamp shaped like a donut? This ceramic stunner gives off instant charm and a soft, warm glow that’s just enough light for reading or crafting.

Buy: Donut 12” Table Lamp, $57.99 from Wayfair

Mesa Ceramic Table Lamp

Asymmetry and ceramics tend to go together well, and this lamp is no exception. Jazz up an entryway console or desk with this artistic, almost horseshoe-shaped style.

Buy: Mesa Ceramic Table Lamp, $198.00 from Anthropologie

Credit: West Elm

Asymmetry Ceramic Table Lamp

Speaking of asymmetry, the uneven silhouette on this ceramic piece takes this lamp from ordinary to visually dynamic, all while still channeling a fresh minimalist vibe. If white isn’t for you or your home, black and speckled moss colorways are also available.

Buy: Asymmetry Ceramic Table Lamp, $179.00 from West Elm

Credit: Etsy

Ceramic Table Lamp

Unlike most of the other designs here, this little lamp gets its sculptural form from its pleated shade versus its base. I’d use one as an accent on a nightstand.

Buy: Ceramic Table Lamp, $80.60 from Etsy

Neko Table Lamp

This eclectic ceramic lamp resembles scoops of ice cream, and what more could you ask of your lighting? It’s just good, old-fashioned whimsical fun from this piece, which would look great on a living room side table.

Buy: Neko Table Lamp, $148.00 from Anthropologie