The Unexpected Furniture Item That’s Popping Up in Bathrooms Everywhere

updated Jun 10, 2021
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Your bathroom can be more than the place where you brush your teeth — it can also serve as a small lounge area where you unwind and melt away the stress from the day. But you can’t exactly relax while sitting on the edge of the bathtub, can you? That’s where the newest bathroom trend comes in: chairs.

No matter the square footage, more and more people are adding chairs to this traditionally furniture-less space. Unconvinced? Check out some inspiring bathroom chair styling below. 

Credit: Kate Pearce

A deep seat

Kate Pearce of Kate Pearce Vintage transformed part of her attic into this luxurious bathroom. She added an extra dose of style (and texture!) with the help of this deep-seated wicker chair, which invites you to sink in and prop your feet against the lip of the tub. It’s the perfect place to lounge while you’re waiting for your bath bomb to fizz out.

The right angle

If you have a rather small bathroom, you might be worried that a chair won’t fit into the tight space. But home blogger Dinah proves that a chair angled away from the tub looks just as nice as a chair tucked in a corner. In fact, she liked the look so much that she replaced a smaller chair with this bigger Queen Anne seat.

Upholstered chairs

Make your bathroom feel like a lady’s powder room by adding in an upholstered vintage chair like this one. You can drape your silk robe over it as you step into your marble bathtub. Or, if you have a simple porcelain bathtub, you can make your soaking experience posher with a chair like this an arm’s reach away.

Wooden accents

Different chairs work for different aesthetics, but if you have a traditional, wooden vanity, consider including an antique wooden chair next to the bathtub, as styled above by Studio Wellington. The chair’s elaborate carvings will help draw the eye to the walnut or mahogany vanity, helping it pop.

Modern chairs

If you have a more contemporary aesthetic, consider including a modern chair with a low back. This will help make the chair feel more like a “stool,” which is a relatively common staple in bathrooms nowadays, giving the bathroom a more current feel.

Colors and textures

If you want to include a chair into your bathroom design, use the piece as an opportunity to incorporate texture and color. The bathroom in Hotel Castello di Reschio feels indulgent, partly thanks to the deep-seated chair, which is upholstered in a rich, unexpected velvet. The dark green in the chair also compliments the light blue marble of the sink, adding some understated color to the space.

A plant stand

If you like your bathroom furniture to serve a purpose, then take a page out of design blogger Celie’s book, and use your chair as a plant stand.

A towel rack

Or, you can forgo the plant stand and use the chair as a towel rack instead, like Renovating with Love did.

A matching color scheme

For those who like to keep a uniform color scheme, you can use a chair to bring together the aesthetic of the bathroom. Here, Tish Tassell added a black cane chair to her bathroom to help the black floor tiles and bathtub feet pop in an otherwise all-white room.