Charmin Has Made a Huge, Three-Pound Toilet Paper Roll Because Its Two-Pound One Just Wasn’t Big Enough

published Oct 27, 2019
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Credit: Charmin

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person already on the toilet hates realizing they’ve run out of toilet paper. That’s one reason why some toilet paper manufacturers are making larger rolls — so you can go longer between your trips to the store or between your online orders. Charmin, in particular, has made an extremely large roll, called the Forever Roll XL.

The Forever Roll XL measures 13.2 inches in diameter, weighs three pounds, and has 2550 sheets of two-ply toilet paper. It joins the comparatively small Forever Roll, which measures 12 inches across, weighs two pounds, and has 1700 sheets. According to Charmin, these rolls will last up to one month, depending on your household size and, um, bathroom habits.

Credit: Charmin

According to the Wall Street Journal, Charmin just introduced the Forever Roll XL to replace the smallest of its oversized rolls, which was about twice the size of a regular roll of toilet paper. Apparently a double-size toilet paper roll just wasn’t big enough. Proctor & Gamble, Charmin’s parent company, claims 90% of shoppers were buying the 12-inch Forever roll, which was marketed at “urban millennials” and other people with limited storage space.

“Our hypothesis was that it would be a slow and gradual trade up to the larger roll, that people would dip their toes in with a small version and make their way up with time,” Rob Reinerman, an innovation director for Proctor & Gamble, told the Wall Street Journal. “It was the exact opposite.”

Credit: Charmin

On the Charmin website, you can buy the Forever Roll or Forever Roll XL on its own, in bulk, or in a “starter kit” that includes three rolls and your choice of toilet paper holder (a floor stand, or screw-in or adhesive wall mount) — because toilet paper this big won’t fit on just any toilet paper holder.