This Portable Bidet Means You’ll Never Fear the Empty Toilet Paper Roll Again

published Aug 13, 2019
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Finding a bidet in every bathroom you enter in America remains a rarity—for some reason, the devices just aren’t that popular in the states. For those of the bidet-less population who are interested in acquiring one, the options are out there. The market currently has several bidet toilet seats available but those only addresses in-home hygiene needs.

To cover all your on-the-go necessities, consider this portable bidet named Sonny. Touted as a “sustainable alternative to wipes and paper for better hygiene and a greener planet,” the portable tool is perfect for the eco-conscious individual in search of a more hygienic bathroom experience. 

Sonny has already surpassed its Indiegogo campaign goal by over 3000 percent (and nearly 7,000 backers), proving that tons of people wouldn’t mind toting around a mini-spa specifically designed for the backside. And as its creators point out, Sonny presents a viable option for renters by offering them an alternative that’s more cost-effective and doesn’t require them to make permanent structural alterations. 

To that point, Sonny requires no installation and operates off of a three-week charge. The spray settings range from normal to high, plus Sonny comes with an interchangeable nozzle cap that is finished with antibacterial coating and can be removed for cleaning, ensuring a germ-free experience. The bidet is also equipped with a water-storing cartridge that the user can easily refill after each use. 

Oh and don’t worry about offering up an awkward explanation should your portable bidet accidentally fall out of your bag in public—the Sonny design is modern and sleek.  Finally, one of its most important qualities is its contribution towards increasing water and forest conservation. The inventors of Sonny also formed a partnership with herbalist Abbe Findley of ZIZIA to develop cleansing spray formulas and post bathroom drops, which are available as backer rewards.

Sonny has extended their Indiegogo campaign until August 25, where you can preorder the device starting at $98. The units are expected to ship in December 2019.