You Can Stay in One of These Haunted Airbnb Rentals For Just $31

published Oct 18, 2019
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Looking to get a little extra this Halloween? Are the same old parties and harvest-style celebrations getting stale? Then be sure to shoot your shot with one of these eight creepy properties on Airbnb, all of which will be available for just $31 a night through November 1-3.

Be sure to mark your calendars: This festive deal will be up for grabs at 9 a.m. ET on October 19. If you’re an early enough bird, you just might get one of these worms rentals. Without further ado, here are the eight Halloween-spirit-ready Airbnbs that will be a part of this first-come-first-served spooky promotion.

Credit: Airbnb

Post Office (Cisco, Utah)

Charles Steen was a geologist who is known for having made and lost a fortune in Utah after discovering uranium deposits there. The little town he built amid the “Uranium Boom” was called Cisco. It’s long been abandoned now and the ghostly tiny former town post office—which looks more like a dilapidated shed—is available for what’s bound to be one of your creepiest getaways. Check out the full listing here.

Credit: Airbnb

The Haunted House (Ontario, Canada)

Here’s how the haunted story behind this 1855 Victorian goes: Carl Beck once inhabited the house with his wife and children. When his wife passed away, his eldest daughter, Mary, was left to care for all of the younger children. Lore has it that when Carl himself died, he left all of his children an equal share of his assets as their inheritance—all except for Mary, who he purportedly left only one dollar. Airbnb guests have regularly reported seeing the figure of a suited man and an angry woman in a mirror in the home. Check out the full listing here.

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Inspiration House (Oberlin, Ohio)

This 1870s colonial is meant to inspire and act as an artistic retreat, but there’s a catch: guests frequently hear things. They hear heavy walking upstairs and scratching sounds (maybe the former owner and his pet). They also hear musical instruments playing on their own so often that the host now leaves a note for guests instructing them to not be alarmed. Check out the full listing here.

Credit: Airbnb

Gettysburg Historic (Aspers, Pennsylvania)

This historic spot, just 10 miles outside of the famous Gettysburg, supposedly has the ghosts of soldiers floating around, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who believes in the paranormal. With lots of plush amenities, the caveat is really just a question of your tolerance for things that go bump in the night. Check out the full listing here.

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Rensow Manor Retreat (Rensow, Germany)

It is speculated that this German manor’s foundation might be as much as 1,200 years old. What’s more is that Slavic ghosts are thought to inhabit the space. So if you’re looking for a castle-like dwelling with lots of charm and a little creep, this is your spot. Check out the full listing here.

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The Enslin Mansion (Troy, New York)

In Troy, New York, the Enslin Mansion is known for being supposedly haunted. It’s not just supposedly haunted in general—it’s said that it’s haunted in every single room and that the attic and basement are especially loaded with otherworldly happenings. So, you know, stay at your own risk. Check out the full listing here.

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Manor Master Chamber (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Of all the homes on the list, this Twin Cities spot might just be the eeriest looking at first glance. Many have claimed to feel the spirit of a girl (Rosalia) who died young in the home of Typhoid fever. The kicker: they all seem to feel the energy the most strongly near the closet that once belonged to her. Check out the full listing here.

Credit: Airbnb

The Stroud House (Wake Forest, North Carolina)

This brick house has been in the same family for all of its existence (which comes out to five generations). Inhabitants and guests alike claim to see orbs, hear a music box that turns itself on, and even be pinched out of thin air. If you’re looking for an unsettling stay, this one might do the trick! Check out the full listing here.