Michaels’ Ceramic Halloween Tree Sold Out Again—But You Have Options

published Oct 6, 2019
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Credit: Michaels

Decorative trees are not just for Christmas. Michaels is selling a ceramic, light-up Halloween tree that was such a hit, it sold out within a few weeks, and then, as soon as it was restocked, it immediately sold out again. So we’re sorry to share news of this cool decoration only to say you’ll have to wait until next year to buy it.

Still, if you can’t wait until 2020 for a ceramic Halloween tree, you have options. The Michaels version took inspiration from vintage ceramic Christmas trees that became popular in the 1960s and 70s. The earliest versions of these trees, according to CeramicChristmasTrees.info, came un-painted at ceramics painting studios, so people could customize them. 

Eventually, this trend led to pre-painted ceramic trees. The trees remained common Christmas decorations until the 90s, when American ceramics shops began going out of business as interest in ceramics painting declined and as more ceramics came from overseas.

All this is to say that while ceramic Christmas trees are not as prevalent as they once were, you can still find unpainted ones on Etsy, Amazon, and CeramicChristmasTrees.info itself. If you want to paint yours in Halloween colors instead of Christmas colors, you can! You can use these unpainted bases to make trees for every holiday if that’s what you’re into. It’s a decoration plus a fun, crafty activity.

The Michaels Halloween trees do also seem worth the wait. Painted a glossy black, they’re decorated with orange and purple lights and a glowing Jack-o-lantern on top where a Christmas star would be. They’re battery-powered and have a timer. This year they retailed for $60.

The trees have been so popular that, according to Better Home & Gardens, Google searches for “Halloween ceramic trees” have increased 9,900 percent in the past month. Premade or DIY, this might be the start of a new trend.