Chelsea Handler’s Famous Friends Are Having the Age-Old Toilet Paper Debate

published Jul 19, 2021
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Credit: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

Last month, Chelsea Handler ruffled feathers on Instagram after asking which way her friends and followers fold towels. This month, she’s sparking debate once more with a post all about the most rage inducing debate of all time: which is right? The “over” or “under” toilet paper setup?

“I’ve been debating this for way too long,” Handler captioned her post. And, um, yeah. Same.

Now…technically, like the towel argument, there’s no right answer. However, the fact that the majority of Handler’s celeb friends said “over” is the superior option says a lot, no?

“Over. Saw an episode of Oprah on this many years ago. It’s 💯 over,” Kelly Ripa commented. “There is no debate. ALWAYS OVER,” Erin Foster added. Bob Saget agrees: “Over please,” as does Sarah Silverman who wrote, “Passionate about OVER.”

“Thank you so much for offering the opportunity to praise over as the only way,” Jennifer Garner said, with Julianna Margulies adding, “Over us the only way.”

Bravely, Drew Barrymore stepped up to the plate to advocate for the “under,” pointing out that this is now the second time she’s strayed from the pack. “Oh no. I’m an under!!!! Again! I don’t fold my towels fancy and I like to rip that toilet paper and have it come flying at me,” Barrymore commented. “Under makes me have more control. And I really don’t love a fancy towel fold. I could not believe how not in the club I was. Everyone as a two or three. I guess I am just a total hippie.”

Barrymore couldn’t be less in the club, sadly. In fact, some people even confessed to changing “under” toilet paper rolls at friends’ houses to “over” — the issue is that serious, people.

Chelsea Handler certainly has a way of causing chaos (the good kind of chaos, that is) online.