Chip and Joanna Gaines Don’t Want Their Next Big Project to Be “Fixer Upper” 2.0—Here’s Why

updated Mar 11, 2020
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It’s been almost two years since the last episode aired of “Fixer Upper,” and Chip and Jo haven’t skipped a beat with picking up other projects since—the big one being Magnolia Network debuting this October. While die-hard fans are hopeful that it might include another Chip-and-Jo renovation show, the Gaines revealed in a recent interview that they don’t want the network to be the next “Fixer Upper.” (Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hearts breaking around the world.)

On Monday, Jason Kennedy of E! News’ “In the Room” visited Waco, Texas to pay Chip and Jo an in-person visit. During the 1-hour episode, Kennedy asked questions on everything from relationship advice to work-life balance and, of course, the upcoming Magnolia Network. While speaking about the new massive project, the Gaines made it very clear that they were looking forward with original programming and not back to anything “Fixer Upper”-related. 

“We don’t want to just step in and do ‘Fixer Upper’ 2.0,” Jo said during the interview. “We’re really in the process of what’s that next thing that we want to be part of.” And that next thing is one-of-a-kind content that Chip and Jo are truly passionate about. “We’re focused on the original programming. What are the stories? Who are the people that we’re wanting to tell the stories? We’re really in that world right now.” 

“Fixer Upper” show ran for five seasons before Chip and Jo decided to pump the breaks, which they reiterated was mainly for their kids. When thinking back on their children being exposed to their fame in public, Chip didn’t want them to think—even for a second—that him and Jo would choose that circumstance over them. “I wanted to be fully with our now five children,” Chip said. “It just became very evident that it was just the perfect time for us to step away. We wanted to spend some really good quality time together with our family and re-engage in a real specific way.” 

However, Kennedy didn’t shy away from asking if another co-hosted show was in the works. “I asked them if they’re going to feel the pressure to do another show together because ‘Fixer Upper’ was a massive success, the whole country was watching really,” Kennedy told Apartment Therapy. “They kind of hinted at maybe and, you know, they never really ruled it out.” 

Among the new programs is going to be Jo’s cooking show, which will take place inside the 100-year-old flour mill where Kennedy’s interview was filmed. “We used to drive by this thing for years and it finally came up for sale and we thought, hey this could be another great extension to what we’re doing with our bed and breakfast,” Jo said. But as the renovation process went underway, Jo realized that she wanted the space to be where she cooked on the show—and so the farmhouse-like space became just that. 

“It’s what you would expect in terms of design—really cozy, really comfortable,” Kennedy told AT. “No one had seen that space before, so she allowed our cameras to see that. We hear so much about Magnolia Network, what that’s going to be, and to just see the actual set that she’s going to shoot that actual cooking show on…it was really cool. It looked like a really expensive oven.” 

You can see the two-story space for yourself on the latest episode of “In the Room,” which can be watched on E! News or online.