The Top Christmas Decoration Hacks of 2022, According to TikTok

published Nov 25, 2022
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TikTok is home to millions of DIY hacks, and they’re particularly helpful when it comes to decorating for the holiday season. Case in point: The hashtag #christmashack has over 179.7 million views. 

To help you stay at the forefront of festive social media trends, lighting company Festive Lights has revealed the top Christmas decoration hacks of 2022, according to TikTok. Hacks were ranked based on the number of total views. You can learn more about the top four below.

1. The Tree Trunk Hack

TikTok user Kelly Fitzsimos (@kellyfitzsimons__) went viral after revealing the creative, painless way she places her lights against the trunk of her Christmas tree. Fitzsimons pushes the lights into the base of the tree and works her way up, moving from left to right until she reaches the top.

Festive Lights visual merchandiser Paula Boston notes that placing cluster lights on the tree’s exterior can be just as effective.

“Even though placing lights against the trunk on the tree is a nice addition and a big TikTok trend, it is not necessary and will undoubtedly be less cost effective,” Boston adds. “We recommend purchasing LED lights, as they are bright enough to be appreciated and can be wrapped the usual way around the tree.”

2. The Tinsel Hack

You’ve heard of silver bells, but what about silver trees?! The popular tinsel hack blew up thanks to TikTok user Teana (@Itstea____), who shared a video explaining how she wraps tinsel around her Christmas tree to give it a shimmery, unique look. Teana does so by wrapping tinsel around the end of an individual tree branch, then tightening and securing it.

3. The Pipe Cleaner Hack

Sometimes, finding a way to hold a festive arrangement together is half the challenge. However, TikToker @theelrodfamily went viral after sharing a video showing how she uses pipe cleaners to create bauble arrangements with tons of holiday cheer. This hack can also help secure wreaths and garlands to hooks and staircases.

4. The Balloon Bauble Hack

Trying to follow a specific color scheme for this year’s Christmas decor? Then you’ll probably be interested in what TikTok user @popitballoons has to say. The TikToker shared a viral video showing how to coordinate your holiday baubles with any color scheme — just cut the end of a balloon off and stretch the remainder of the balloon over your bauble, then add it to your tree.

As Boston points out: “This is a cost-effective and creative way to reuse old Christmas decorations and renovate them into something new!”