This Circus-Themed Childhood Bedroom Went Viral on TikTok

published May 30, 2023
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Credit: Emma Fiala

There’s nothing like returning to your childhood bedroom while visiting your loved ones and feeling the immense nostalgia that’s bouncing off the walls. Posters of pop stars, stacks of old yearbooks from high school, and secret messages written in Sharpie hiding on the walls are just fragments of what you can expect in your old room. For one TikToker, a trip to her childhood home felt like a trip to the circus.

While visiting her childhood home, Greta Rolli (@greta_rolli) posted a video of her sister’s circus-themed room that quickly went viral on TikTok for its incredible detail and design.

“When we were little, our mom would paint murals on our bedroom walls, and this is the circus room,” she said in the video. Once Rolli enters the room, it’s hard to miss the pink and white stripes on the ceiling that mimic a circus tent. After mentioning that the room used to belong to her brother, she pointed out the Wizard of Oz-inspired painting in a corner of the room.

But that’s not the only personal design in the mural. Her mother hid drawings of the children throughout the entire mural, so her brother is spotted wearing a top hat, Rolli is being shot from a cannon, and their little sister is hiding in the corner. Besides the children, there’s detailed paintings of clowns, bears, and amusement park rides throughout the mural. Could you imagine inviting friends over as a child with a room like this?

In an entirely separate room in the same house, Rolli’s mother also designed a Paris-themed room with hand-painted designs. 

Throughout the room, there are lightly drawn landmarks and buildings from Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower. Rolli even mentioned that her mother secretly added her name to a postal address on the wall for a personalized finish. In the comment section, many were praising her mother’s work for being timeless, and one person mentioned that they assumed “it was going to be one of those 2009 Paris-themed preteen girl rooms, but it’s actually the cutest thing ever.”

Between the Paris room and the circus room, Rolli’s mother definitely wins an award for being a creative and thoughtful decorator, and she’s definitely left inspiration for muralists that want to add an artistic touch to their homes.