These Are the Most Popular Paint Colors of 2022, According to Clare

published Jun 15, 2022
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Credit: Clare

With so many color options in existence — about 10 million visible to the naked eye — the choices for your living room wall or kitchen cabinets seem limitless. But ask paint brand Clare, and they’ll tell you that you only need to know five.

Clare has revealed its most popular paint colors for 2022. A reflection of how self-isolation during the pandemic has led people to try and bring more nature indoors, their top hues are earthy neutrals and warm tones.

“Warm neutral paint colors have been surpassing cooler grays in popularity as well and it’s not hard to see why. Along with bringing warmth and versatility to a space, a neutral paint palette can instantly make a room feel cozy and comforting,” Clare founder Clare Gibbons told Apartment Therapy.

She added: “We’ve seen our consumers move towards warm tones that are cozy and calming and bursts of yellows and pinks that are uplifting.”

Here are Clare’s most popular paints for 2022:

“For those who aren’t afraid to bring the drama,” said Gibbons. “A mysterious, moody green that’s intense and alluring all at once. Try it in a dining room to spark a lively, welcoming mood, or use it in a living room and bedroom for that cozy feel that’ll make you want to unwind.”

The shade of crisp dollar bills. It’s a color that’s becoming more and more popular, as it’s a versatile shade of green that can work anywhere. “I love a bold color in a small space such as a powder room for a big impact,” said Gibbons.

“A beautiful, natural cream tone that’s gender neutral and would work well contrasted with your accent colors like soft yellows, pale pinks, and baby blues. This color looks brighter with the help of clean, natural light, and appears more medium hued in darker spaces. Beautiful, versatile soft shade of greige and depending on the light can feel airy and light or warmer in a space.”

“A warm beige that feels cozy and inviting. It’s neutral, natural, and nice for any space.” Gibson adds, “Rich and warm, we’ve seen this color used in any type of room but I especially love it in a living room.”

“Slightly sunny, yet perfectly subdued, this mellow mustard hue is worth its weight in gold. This uplifting shade is like a ray of sunshine and it’s great to give you a mood boost early in the day. We love this color for a bright and bold kitchen-looks great on cabinets. Can liven up a laundry room making chores a bit more enjoyable.”