This Little Splurge Saves Me So Much Stress at the Grocery Store (People Always Ask About It!)

published Jun 12, 2024
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Clax shopping cart in grocery store.
Credit: Courtesy of Charli Penn

I’ve never been a big fan of going grocery shopping. Something about the crowded aisles, abundance of offerings, and long lines gives me instant anxiety. I’ve found little ways to help me work through it, like grocery shopping with a buddy (my husband) or shopping on weekday evenings when it’s less overwhelming at my local store. 

Then in May 2020, a new law went into effect in my home state of New Jersey that prohibits retail stores, grocery stores, and food service businesses from providing (or selling) any single-use plastic bags or polystyrene foam food service products. Whenever I would go grocery shopping, I had to remember to not only have more reusable bags handy, but to also actually bring them with me into any store to use at checkout.

It sounds easy enough, but over time it proved to be both a nuisance and more costly. I found myself forgetting about this time and time again and standing at a register bagless — which meant I had to load my items into my cart (and car) one by one, then bag them just to unload them when I got home. Each time I’d forget my reusable bags or not have enough, I’d be forced to buy one from the store. The extra cost and hassle was a real pain point. Then one day a solution came to me: I needed a personal shopping cart. That’s when I remembered seeing the Clax collapsible shopping cart popping up all over my social media feeds. It was time to try one.

What’s so great about the Clax cart?

As soon as I unboxed my new Clax cart, I knew it was going to be the perfect solution for my shopping anxiety and that it would save me time. It collapses with the press of a button, so I can open and close it in seconds when I get to a store, my car, or back home. It’s lightweight enough to carry back and forth to my car or job, yet sturdy enough while in use to hold up to 132 pounds of cargo, while still rolling with ease.

Credit: Courtesy of Charli Penn

It comes with a handy crate that’s perfect for storing and easily transporting smaller items like groceries, but can also adjust to accommodate larger, bulkier items too. It’s so easy to maneuver and compact enough to store almost anywhere.

Credit: Courtesy of Charli Penn

Is the Clax cart worth the money?

Absolutely. A Clax cart is priced at around $269, and I recognize that buying one is a bit of a splurge. For me, it’s been worth every penny. Sure, I do love a good deal, but I’m also willing to spend a little more on something that I can use multiple ways for years. The Clax cart is a smart investment. I’ve discovered countless uses for it in my everyday life already, and everywhere I go people stop and ask me where it came from. 

I bring it with me to the grocery store, then after I check out, I simply place my groceries in the crate and into my trunk. When I get home, I can carry the crate right inside — no more juggling a million different awkward bags. It has also come in handy when we’re checking into a hotel and need to carry our bags (and pets) to the room.

When I used it to help a friend move out of her tiny apartment, she was so obsessed she ordered one too. I’ve even used it at my local farmers market, Costco, Aldi, and Trader Joe’s. Not only does it save me time, but it also makes life a little less stressful all around. As someone who suffers from lower back pain, it’s such a relief to be able to push heavy items around a store and bring them home, rather than to put a strain on my back carrying them on my shoulder.

I’ve only had my Clax cart for six months and I’ve already converted three friends and two family members to the fan club. Judging by how often someone stops to ask me about mine, I’d say seeing is believing. If you can use the ease (and peace of mind) of having your own personal shopping cart handy, this one gets five stars from me, and is totally worth the investment. 

Buy: CLAX The Original, $269 (normally $299)

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