This Cleaning Routine Will Make Your Bedroom’s White Baseboards Shine

published Feb 3, 2023
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It’s not uncommon to go into homes today and see white baseboard trim. While I love it in my home, as it gives it a brighter and fresher vibe, the truth is white is just tough to keep clean. Over time, dust and stray hairs become very visible on white baseboards. In my bedroom, I can’t help but see the dust on them, even now. 

Bed linens are often what gets the most attention in a room where you sleep, but you don’t want to forget about your baseboards for that final room-sparkling touch. Here’s the cleaning routine I’ve been following to keep the white baseboards in my bedroom free of grime.

Cleaning materials you’ll need:

  • Your favorite dusting tool. I typically have this Swiffer Dusters Dusting Kit on hand, as well as these microfiber towels. The towels work great to dust with and then wash and reuse later.
  • Dish soap and a bucket of warm water with a smaller cleaning rag.
  • Vacuum with an attachment tool.
  • A Magic Eraser for scuffed spots on baseboards.
  • Q-tips for tight corner spaces where dirt is hard to remove.
  • An extra towel for drying.

White baseboard cleaning routine to follow

For the baseboards to truly be clean, you should first start by cleaning the room from top to bottom. I start by dusting the overhead fan, but if you don’t have a fan in your bedroom, chances are you have an overhead light that needs dusting. By starting with ceiling fixtures first, any dust that finds its way down to the bed or the floor is no big deal. Why? Because you’re cleaning those surfaces after.

After dusting other hard surfaces and putting the sheets in the wash, I then move to vacuum the floors. My vacuum attachment tool comes in handy to get any stray pieces of dust still clinging to my baseboards. 

Once all that is complete, that’s when the real detailed baseboard cleaning can begin. With a bucket of warm water and dish soap, I start at one end of the bedroom and scrub my baseboards until I make it all around the room. I like to use the Q-tips in small corners and rub out scuff marks with the Magic Eraser where necessary. 

After I’m satisfied with the results, I finish the process with a dry towel to absorb any moisture that may remain. It’s amazing how the room sparkles once my baseboards are given the attention they need.

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