This Weird Shower Habit Made Cleaning My Bathroom 10 Times Easier

updated May 27, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

For the most part, I enjoy cleaning. I like keeping things tidy, and I will argue with anyone who says that there’s a better feeling that waking up to a sparkling clean kitchen. But cleaning the bathroom? It’s not exactly my jam.

I can’t really justify putting off tasks like cleaning the bathroom sink, floors, and toilets — but for some reason the shower and tub is always last on my list. If you’ve ever scrubbed the walls of a shower, then you know why. Things can get sweaty real fast. And there’s no grosser feeling than cleaning your entire bathroom only to then feel dirty yourself.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a hack that makes cleaning the shower so much easier — even if it does involve wearing, well, zero clothing. 

Here’s my technique: I keep a box of Magic Erasers in my bathroom and every time I deep clean my bathroom, I take a shower after. Most people already do this after cleaning their bathrooms as it can be kind of a gross process, so I figured why not multitask? When I hop in the shower, instead of starting by washing my hair or body, I use the Magic Eraser to quickly clean the tub and shower walls.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

The eraser works perfectly on my subway tile and grout and makes the faucet gleam. The whole process takes probably 10 to 15 minutes and when I’m done, I toss the Magic Eraser aside and then continue to shower like I normally would (no household cleaning products are used in this part, don’t worry). The Mr. Clean version works like a charm for me, but the generic brand erasers work well, too, if you’re looking to save some money.

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It’s all too easy to clean the entire bathroom, shower afterwards, and then think oh… well, the tub can wait. Whether we admit it or not, I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we’ve told ourselves that there’s soap and water in there every day anyway, so cleaning it can wait. But now the process is easy for me, and I don’t mind getting it over with. And as an added bonus, there’s zero sweating involved.

This process makes me more likely to clean the shower and tub regularly, but it also has some other hidden bonuses: It totally avoids the annoying process of being on your hands and knees outside the tub, as well as the frustration of trying to clean the entire shower while not getting your feet and clothes soaking wet.

Is naked cleaning kind of weird? Sure. But stepping out of the shower with a top-to-bottom clean bathroom and not sweating and feeling disgusting after is worth any initial awkwardness — trust me.