Before and After: An Endlessly Satisfying $100 Closet Makeover

published Feb 21, 2018
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(Image credit: Old House To New Home)

This is one of the most inspiring types of projects: it was done for approximately $100, it includes a detailed budget breakdown, it is neither glamorous nor thrilling, both the before and the after photos were taken in the same artificial light, and it hugely improved someone’s quality of everyday life. May we all tackle similarly approachable yet satisfying projects! Let’s explore.

(Image credit: Old House To New Home)

It’s so much brighter now! Well done, Old House To New Home. While some folks are always opposed to painting wood, in a dark, cramped closet, the white paint makes a world of difference. The marble contact paper transforms the handy but plain shelf into something special — the perfect spot for a pleasingly corralled display of hair products and jewelry. And it is astounding what an improvement it makes to group hangers together by type. While hangers definitely aren’t the most exciting things to spend money on, a matching set eliminates a lot of visual noise and can make hanging up clothes the tiniest bit of a pleasure.

(Image credit: Old House To New Home)

This shot bravely reveals something many of us fall victim to from time to time: we come up with a system and install various bins and boxes, only to have them quickly become overwhelmed—and overflowing. Organization requires constant vigilance, but it also requires starting with a smart, sound system—and sometimes this requires a few tries.

(Image credit: Old House To New Home)

The new palette—purple, pale green, and pink—is playful and cheerful, and that pink rug adds such a fun touch of luxury to a practical space! It’s so much more pleasant to try to figure out what to wear when your toes are deeply snuggled in a lush shag. This section of the closet further demonstrates the brightening power of the white paint.

Old House To New Home included a detailed budget breakdown in the makeover post. And while the total is over $100 (selling something to raise funds for something else is a good practice, but it does not change the total cost) and many of the elements were things already on-hand, it’s still an impressively affordable makeover. It also demonstrates what a big difference using the items you already have on-hand—and using them well—makes. Here are the details:

Budget Breakdown:
  • Already had paint, paint brushes, marble contact paper, acrylic hair product holder, picture frame and free printable, purple bins, jewelry wall and supplies, 35 velvet hangers
  • Sold 2 LuLaroe shirts for $25 and used that money to buy supplies!
Items Purchased:

  • Green Baskets: 19.99
  • Metal Bins: 19.98
  • Carpet [Rug] 19.99
  • Gold Bowl: 7.99
  • Hangers 7.99
  • Fabric Box 8.99
  • Skirt Hangers: 15.95
  • Light: 24.99
  • Total: 125.87
  • -25.00 of sold items

Grand Total: $100.87!!!

If you wear a lot of skirts (or shorts) and are unaware of the existence of skirt hangers, be sure to check out the full original post to learn more and have your world rocked. There are lots more photos and additional source information, too!.

Thank you, Old House To New Home!