7 Ways to Hack Your Way to More Closet Space

published Jul 4, 2018
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Closets come in all shapes and sizes—and often, with not enough storage space. Thankfully, with a little imagination (and research), you can turn your cramped closet into a stylish storage hub, no matter how tiny it may be.

To prove our point, we rounded up some of the easiest—and not to mention, affordable—ways to carve out more storage for your wardrobe. Read ahead for seven of our favorite products for creating more storage room when you aren’t working with a ton of closet space.

(Image credit: IKEA)

There are few things in this world a floating shelf can’t fix, and your tiny closet is no exception. They’re inexpensive, chic, and easy to install, so employ a couple of floating shelves, like the LACK shelf from IKEA, on the wall inside your closet to score some open storage room in no time.

(Image credit: Target)

If you thought bookcases were only good for corralling books, then think again. Kind of like a shoe rack, but cooler, small bookcase-style organizers, like this one at Target, are awesome for forging extra storage space at the bottom of your closet—and will keep everything from shoes, to purses, and sweaters organized and in plain sight.

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Command Hooks are a many-splendored thing. Not only are they cheap and made with renter-friendly adhesive technology, you can stick a couple on the inside of your closet door and acquire more storage space in seconds.

4. Drawer Units, $15

(Image credit: IKEA)

Why bring a big bulky dresser into a cramped bedroom when you can easily squeeze a drawer unit into your closet? Small drawer units, like this wire one from IKEA, are ultra lightweight and affordable, and perfect for organizing your socks, tees, and undies.

(Image credit: IKEA)

What’s small, sturdy, and only three bucks? This wall-mounted shelf bracket from IKEA, which you can turn upside down and install vertically inside your closet wall to create all kinds of unexpected storage space.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Look, we know this one might seem a little passé but magic hangers—you know, the kind you see on infomercials or in your grandma’s closet—are a foolproof way to double your closet storage. One hanger alone can hold up to six garments at a times (in a fraction of the space) and will only set you back $10 for a pack of four on Amazon.

7. Garment Racks, $149

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Okay, so technically this is cheating because it’s not exactly for the inside of your closet, but a stylish garment rack, like this lilac beauty from Urban Outfitters, can turn a small sliver of wall space into a sleek open wardrobe display in seconds. Just saying.