This Stylish Storage Solution Will Really Put Your Head in the Clouds — and Your Toilet Paper, Too!

published Dec 16, 2021
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When it comes to home decorating, you can go classic, creative, or a balanced mix of both. I love finding hidden gems in home decor, from eccentric accent walls to abstract lamps that seem to come with their own personality. Uncommon Goods is a great place to start if you want to find a piece that’s unconventional, functional, and sure to turn heads for one reason or another. While browsing their Home section, I came across the Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage, and had to look twice. For those like me who don’t prefer bathroom floor organizers, this storage solution aims much higher.

The Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage is a creatively smart method of organizing toilet paper that knocks out two things at once. First, it makes use of wall space as a storage option, freeing up space in closets and cabinets. Second, it integrates rolls of toilet paper into whimsical wall art; making it convenient to reach and a lot more likely to stay stocked up. Who doesn’t love a fluffy cloud? “I love the design,” said one shopper. “My teenage boys never reload the toilet paper and this product fixes the problem! I like that it is like a piece of artwork in the bathroom rather than an eyesore.”

How it works is quite simple. The cloud base is an easy-to-install floating shelf, though it might be too heavy to be renter-friendly. It’s made of cement, measures 21.65 inches long, and needs anchors to fully support it. Customers have been surprised by its weight, but the payoff in style and usefulness has kept them coming back for more. “Just bought my third one,” confessed a repeat buyer, who noted kids and party guests as a reason it’s great that the shelf can stack so much paper. “Two are in toilet closets and one is in a powder room. It can hold tons of rolls, is funny, whimsical, and a conversation piece. It works for me because it’s functional, and gets the extra toilet paper rolls off the floor. I hated those floor holders. Everything about this is great. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!”

If you’re a fan of double rolls, you’ll want to think smaller for the Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage. For the best results, customers have stated that single rolls are the way to go for a perfectly precious white cloud. The shelf has worked wonders for those who don’t have a ton of closet space at home. “I just bought my first home and didn’t realize the lack of storage space I’d be dealing with,” one shopper admitted. “This product combines storage with whimsical art. It’s heavy, sturdy, and comes with clear installation instructions.” She even offered this helpful tip: “Because of the small nature of my house and bathroom, I had to hang this low over the toilet. It doesn’t look good low; so if you are interested in this product, you should probably make sure you have room higher up, but low enough to reach the toilet paper.”

The Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage has racked up 4.5 stars and nearly 200 reviews on Uncommon Goods. It’s available in standard and large sizes to accommodate most bathrooms. The standard holds eight single toilet paper rolls, and the large holds roughly 14 rolls. “Super cute, easy to install, and a practical gift,” shared a happy customer. “Functional to store toilet paper, and wall art at the same time. Never be stuck without toilet paper again!”