Why Dog Owners Should Ditch the Grass and Try This Yard Type Instead

published May 25, 2023
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Dog parents know the struggle of keeping grass looking lush. Pee patches and dirt trails from running back and forth plague backyards nationwide. But as one TikToker explained, grass isn’t your only option for maintaining a beautifully manicured outdoor space. Planting clover is the perfect solution for patchy yards because it’s dog-safe, super durable, and also beautiful to look at.

“Clover is likely going to be the best lawn alternative if you have dogs,” TikTok user Livekindly (@livekindly) said in a recent video. “Clover is hardy enough to hold up to heavy foot and paw traffic and it doesn’t get discolored from dog potties. It also needs very little to no watering and mowing, and it’s more pollinator-friendly compared to grass.”

And, as someone pointed out in the comments, clover is also a great alternative lawn for people and pets with grass allergies. 

Plus, the look of a thriving clover lawn looks like something out of a fairytale, and you can’t go wrong with that aesthetic. But if you don’t love the look of the overgrown clover, it can also be trimmed with the lawn mower. 

The only downside to a clover yard is that it may be harder to find where your dog has used the bathroom, as one TikTok commenter pointed out. “Their turds pull a Houdini and I can’t find them to throw them away,” they wrote. 

But other than setting yourself up for a risky game of hide-and-seek, clover may be the perfect dog-friendly alternative to grass you’ve been looking for.