4 Things That Keep My Entryway Clutter-Free for Under $100

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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Most homes have an area where you drop your shoes, keys, bag, and jacket on your way in and pick it all up again on your way out (aka a “landing strip”). Some houses and large apartments have foyers and mud rooms for this purpose, but small apartments like mine tend to have small entryways that get tasked with housing all of these items.

Credit: Abigail J. Fallon

Nothing stresses me out more than passing through a cluttered entryway or being late to an event because I had to scramble to collect my things on my way out the door. That’s why I’ve experimented with a few different systems and ultimately decided on four items that make my apartment entryway look and function better. Plus, the total for these finds came out to under $100.

A Dual-Purpose Shoe Rack

This isn’t my first time writing about this four-tier shoe rack, and it might not be my last. The bottom three shelves hold nine pairs of shoes, and its smooth wood tabletop is perfect for all kinds of items. It was easy to put together, fits well behind most doors, and looks sleeker than the average shoe rack.

A Magnetic Hook 

Magnetic hooks can be super handy — especially in the kitchen. My entryway backs up to the side of my refrigerator, so I placed a magnetic hook there to hold my dog’s rain jacket (human jackets go in the entryway closet). That way, I remember to put it on my dog when it’s raining and can hang it back up in the same spot to dry. I purchased this magnetic hook from a homewares store years ago, but you can order a similar version on Amazon.

A Ceramic Dish 

One of the items I store on top of the shoe rack is a ceramic dish for keys. It can be super frustrating to search pockets, bags, and other places for your keys, so I’m a big proponent of having a designated drop zone for them. I purchased this particular dish on a trip to Morocco, and I like to keep it front and center because it holds sentimental value for me. You probably have a similar dish or souvenir floating around your home, but if you’re in the mood to purchase something new, this bowl from Crate & Barrel is a great option.

A Wire Basket 

The other item I store on the shoe rack is a wire basket to store my dog’s leash, pet wipes, and other miscellaneous items. This wire basket is another great Target find that is actually meant to be used as a wastebasket. Target no longer sells this exact model, but here’s a similar alternative. 

Entryways can be tricky — especially when you don’t have a lot of space. But with a little planning and creativity, you can keep your entryway looking put-together and know that all of your most-used items will be right where you expect them to be.