This Kickstarter Project Is Part Chair, Part Closet—And It’s Perfect For Your Lazy, Clothes-Tossing Self

published Jun 29, 2019
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In case you’re still judging yourself for using furniture as a makeshift clothes rack, here’s a reason to shirk your shame immediately: a coat check chair.

The tagline for the Kickstarter project sums it up nicely: “Your closet. Reinvented. Into an iconic designer chair. Let your closet join the party.” TBH, we can’t imagine a furniture enthusiast who wouldn’t see the value in a multi-purpose seating option such as this quirky, fascinating chair, but continue on if you need more convincing.

The creation of industrial designer Joey Zeledón, Coat Check chair is the result of an inventive transformation of standard Container Store hangers and a steel rod. A set of welded steel rings secures the hangers and prevents them from slipping off the frame. While you might not think that hangers are a durable seat, Zeledón demonstrates the strength of the chair by standing on it, proving that the chair can easily support 170 lbs.

The chairs come with a customization option that allows buyers to mix and match hanger and frame colors. Among the seven frame selections are polished stainless steel and a powder coat option available in black, dark pink, dark turquoise, dark yellow, navy blue and off-white. The frame comes with a set of hangers, but extra sets can be ordered upon request. Available colors include neutrals like black, grey, off-white and white; cool hues navy blue, purple, royal blue and turquoise; and warm shades, including orange, pink, red and yellow.

Pledges for the Coat Check chair start at $449 for early bird pricing and it’s expected to ship starting in December 2019. Art prints of the chair are available for $25 or $15 for a downloadable version.

To make a pledge to the Coat Check chair campaign—which starts at or check out behind-the-scenes video of the design process, visit their Kickstarter page.