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The 10 Percent Rule Can Help You Finally Make—and Stick to—A BudgetLife
It's less about making drastic lifestyle changes and more about making small shifts.
Dec 28, 2020
8 Easy Habits That Will Help You Confront Your Debt in the New YearLife
A mindset shift won't make that balance smaller, but it can help you stay motivated in the long run.
Dec 21, 2020
A New Rule Makes It Easier to Claim Donations on Your Taxes This YearLife
Here's what an accountant wants you to know.
Dec 6, 2020
7 Age-Appropriate Ways to Talk to Kids About Money, According to ExpertsLife
Without scaring the both of you.
Nov 28, 2020
5 Smart Money Moves Anyone Can Make Right Now, According to Financial PlannersLife
This year was a major reminder that unexpected things can happen, and that it helps to be financially prepared when they do.
Nov 22, 2020
4 Common Money Questions Financial Experts Get Asked All the TimeLife
Yes, there is a point to having savings.
Nov 20, 2020
This Money Expert Learned the Benefits of Pet Insurance the Hard WayLife
Aka through a $14,000 emergency.
Nov 18, 2020
3 Questions About Money Your Parents Don’t Know the Answers ToLife
Experts weigh in on how to make the conversations easier.
Nov 12, 2020
6 Things Every Freelancer Should Know About Money, According to an AccountantLife
Don't wait until the end of the year to do your taxes.
Nov 7, 2020
5 Things You Can Do On Your Summer Break to Increase Your Home’s ValueReal Estate
You don't have to fully renovate to boost the value of your home, or even its "wow" factor. Instead, tackle these small projects this summer.
Jul 17, 2020
The 9 Best Money-Saving Personal Finance HacksLife
Each one is designed to change the way you act or think to give you a little leg up on deciding where your money goes day after day and year after year.
Jan 23, 2020
Here Are the Best Ways to Budget in January (and Beyond), According to PinterestLife
Pinterest’s latest report proves that many people are focusing on that side of wellness in 2020.
Jan 10, 2020
How Using a Piggy Bank Can Be a Legit Savings PlanLife
You’ve done it again. You go to pull something out of your purse and change goes flying—and you don’t want to crawl around on the ground to find it. Now that you think about it, you found some change in the bottom of the dryer this morning, too. And you might have seen some gleaming on the floorboard of your car earlier. Frankly, change is a nuisance and often goes to waste. So why not take that change, and a few extra bucks, and throw it in a piggy bank?
May 3, 2019
How to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money Without Even Noticing It’s GoneLife
This month we’ll be sharing solutions that are so simple and easy—and at times, automated—that they feel like magic. Hocus Pocus celebrates all the small ways you can trick yourself into living a better life. Between bills and expenses, it can feel like your money is just disappearing each month, making saving anything feel totally impossible.
May 3, 2019
The 1 Expensive Thing First-Time Home Buyers Forget to Budget ForReal Estate
The countdown to buying your first home is innately defined by one thing: the balance in your savings account. Unlike car loans and the too-expensive shoes you put on your charge card, you can’t exactly buy a home with zero money down, so most people who have their sights set on homeownership begin by saving for a (sizeable) down payment.
May 3, 2019
9 Baby Steps to a Better Household BudgetLife
Budgeting for your life and home can feel like an impossible task, but if you break it down into simple actions, it’s actually not that bad. You have to be willing to self-reflect, keep receipts and bills, and do a little math—and some research on budget trackers—but you can make it work. Ready to build a better budget? (You know… one you’ll actually use?) Take it step by step: The first step to creating a budget? Knowing how much money you actually have.
May 3, 2019
The Budgeting Methods Smart Finance Bloggers Swear ByLife
Maintaining a budget is one of those things everyone knows they have to do, but not everyone actually understands how to do it (or rather, how to do it in a way that benefits their specific, individual needs). If you need help figuring out your own finances, these bloggers have simple-but-totally-smart budgeting systems that are sure to inspire you, no matter what your financial goals are: Ali at Anything You Want is all about using spreadsheets to track her budget.
May 3, 2019
The Financial Milestones to Aim for Before You’re 30Life
Ah, your 20s! That golden decade of finding yourself personally, professionally, and, well… if you’re smart—financially. Sure, figuring out your money situation might not be the most enjoyable part of being in your 20s, but arguably, it might be the most important.
May 3, 2019
The Best Books to Read When You’re Ready to Get Serious About Your FinancesLife
With all the added expenses that come with the holiday season and the time to set your 2017 goals just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get serious about your finances. Here are five money books that are chock-full of wisdom that will help you take your finances to the next level. Whether you want to mend your relationship with money, develop a wealth mindset, or start investing some of your hard-earned cash, there’s a book here for you.
May 3, 2019
What You Can Do in 2018 to Make Buying a Home a Reality in 2019Real Estate
Have big dreams to buy a home next year, but don’t know where to begin? Just because you don’t think you’ll have your down payment together for 2018 doesn’t mean you have to wait to get a jump start on the process. Here are some steps you can take to help you figure out what you’re looking for in a home, what you can afford, and how to get yourself psyched up to find your dream home while you wait.
May 3, 2019
Improve Your Financial Picture: 100+ IdeasLife
I don’t have to tell you this, but money matters. Even if you consider yourself a card-carrying minimalist who thinks “materialism” is a dirty word, you need money to exchange for goods and services, like rent and food and the shirt on your back.
May 3, 2019
We Asked 8 Real New Yorkers: Is a 50/20/30 Budget Realistic?Life
Are you familiar with the 50/20/30 rule?
May 3, 2019
Lessons Learned: 9 People Reveal the Biggest Money Mistake They Ever MadeLife
I’m a firm believer that it’s important to be open and honest about money. In the past, talking about things like how much you make or the debt you’re dealing with may have been taboo, but being transparent and able to discuss these things is actually really important.
May 3, 2019
The Biggest Threat to Your Retirement Might Be Your KidsLife
If you’re a parent of adult children, you’ve seen the headlines by now: Grown-up kids are moving back in with their parents at record rates. While there are many important considerations involved in the big picture of why this is happening—including the disparity in how wages and inflation have risen—the core of the decision is often to save money.
Mar 27, 2019
4 Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund, According to a Financial PlannerLife
‘Tis the season for filing taxes and more importantly, receiving your tax refund. But before you go and blow it all on a trip to Tulum or a pricey pair of shoes—guilty!—you may want to consider some more productive ways to use your tax refund. We called on financial advisor Douglas A. Boneparth, CFP and President of Bone Fide Wealth for advice on how to smartly use our tax refunds, no matter how big or small the amount. But first: savings.
Mar 10, 2019
The Smart Savings Trick I Learned From My MomReal Estate
My dad was frequently unemployed while I was growing up. When he had a job as a software salesman, things were pretty bountiful in our household: We’d go on vacation, build a playhouse, have another sibling join the family, etc. But it always seemed that right after we’d get used to living in “boom times,” he’d get laid off. And since my mom chose to stay home and homeschool us, there wasn’t money coming in when my dad wasn’t working.
Jan 25, 2019
3 Lists That Will Help You Save Money in 2019Life
Lists help us get things out of our heads, and for that alone they’re useful. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed and scattered, practicing a “brain dump” of all your swirling thoughts will help restore order and clarity to your addled mind. And while there’s potency in the act of making a list itself, putting purpose behind the list can make it even more powerful.
Jan 16, 2019
Saving Money Is a Cinch When You Look for $5 BillsLife
Sometimes, no matter how much you try to budget, saving money just seems impossible. But what if we told you we’d discovered a brilliant, but oh-so simple, money-saving method, that could add up to some serious moolah? The trick: Take every $5 bill you come across and pocket it.
Jan 14, 2019
Here’s the Salary You Need to Buy a Modest Home in New York City, San Francisco & 22 Other PlacesReal Estate
It’s funny how buying a home became known as “The American Dream,” because for decades, it wasn’t a dream at all. Just a few generations ago (basically: your grandparents), buying a house in your 20’s was just reality. I love this story from Relative Realty about a couple of real first-time buyers in Toronto—Ron and Joan, both “in their early 20’s”—achieving The American Canadian Dream.
Nov 3, 2018
A Pain-Free Trick that Pays Off: How to Save an Extra $1500 Next YearLife
Anyone who’s searched for a way to save more money has probably heard of the 52 Week Challenge. It’s a way to slowly build up your savings throughout the year—you start by putting aside $1 on week one, $2 on week 2, and so on until you reach week 52, putting aside $52 that week. In total, if you follow the 52 Week Challenge, you’ll save $1,378 by the end of the year. Easy enough, right? While it sounds like a great idea (and if it works for you, keep it up!
Dec 28, 2017
Could This New Money App Be Better Than Mint?Life
Saving money can be a challenge, which is why many people rely on apps to help them be more money-conscious. It makes sense—your phone is almost always on you, and you’re much more likely to think about the state of your financials when all the info and tools you need are just a click away in your pocket.
Jul 28, 2017
What You Can Do Now in Your 20s to Retire EarlyLife
Sometimes, when I’m watching a recently retired early 40-something couple agonize over which Italian villa to choose on a certain international house-hunting show, I sit and ponder, “What did these people do right to get them to this place in life so early?” Or, more pointedly, “What am I doing wrong?” Everyone dreams of retiring one day, and most of us assume it will be in our twilight years.
Jul 16, 2017
Real Folks Share Their Saving Money SecretsLife
If money grew on trees, we wouldn’t need to work so hard at saving it. (Not spending it so much might help keep more money in your bank account, as well.) Because I suck at saving money (and it’s possible someone else out there does, too), I asked the same folks graciously giving advice on making a home about how they’ve been able to save money over the years. Their tips are smart and may help you start saving a bit more.
Apr 12, 2017
Real People Reveal the Home Purchases That Make Them the HappiestLife
When you’re on a tight budget, it can be difficult to decide what to spend your hard-earned cash on. Do you splurge on the fun stuff? Be responsible and renovate? There’s no one answer that’s right for everyone. But, reading what’s been worth the money to other people might help you figure out what’s most important to you. Below, eight people (who know a thing or two about making a home) share the purchases that had the biggest impact on their happiness at home.
Apr 5, 2017
First Time Homebuyers On: What We Wish We Knew Before BuyingReal Estate
Before you’ve done something, it’s pretty hard to know what you don’t know. When it comes to the complicated, terrifying steps required to buy your first home, there’s a lot of opportunity to not know. First-time home buyers Tiffany and Alan Goldstein bought a cute, chic Austin bungalow — and learned a few things about buying a home in the process. Build a budget so you can set goals. If you can’t afford a home right now, don’t force it.
Feb 20, 2017
First-Time Home Buyers On: The Scariest (& Most Surprising) Parts of the ProcessReal Estate
Anybody else terrified of the prospect of buying and owning their own home? (Or is it just me?) If it’s not just me, you might find some comfort in facing fears. Specifically, the things that scared Tiffany and Alan Goldstein, first-time home buyers, when they went through the buying process. Taking your own home-buying plunge may be a little less terrifying knowing what’s ahead. The scariest part of the process was fearing we were making the wrong decision.
Feb 13, 2017
Tiny Tasks to Give Your Future a BoostLife
A little insight into the writing process: I wanted to kick this post off with a clever quote about baby steps or making sure you stay moving towards your goals, but I couldn’t pick one quote because there are so many of them, in so many different languages. It just goes to prove how, universally, a series of small efforts really can add up to make major impacts on your well-being. There’s nowhere the sentiment is more true, though, than in finance.
Jan 19, 2017
Down With Car Payments! What You Can Do Now to Pay for Your Next Car in CashLife
I will never understand the folks who jump from financed car to financed car. As soon as they’ve paid off their humble wheels, they’ll use the extra cash to upgrade to a nicer ride—sometimes with an even bigger car payment than before. In my opinion, when you have a perfectly safe, serviceable, paid-off car, you should stick with it. Because here’s the thing: Car payments suck.
Jan 18, 2017
Why You Should (Always) Have a Separate Savings Account for Your Down PaymentReal Estate
Saving up money for a down payment is no easy feat—but a separate savings account can help.
Jan 11, 2017
First Time Homebuyers On: How To Know If You’re Really Ready to BuyReal Estate
I admit it. Since moving to New Orleans, I’ve been fantasizing about finally buying a house. It’s the fun stuff that gets my blood pumping—I’d love to knock down some walls or paint a ceiling green—all the things you can’t do when you rent.
Jan 9, 2017
Save More in 2017: 52-Week Money Challenge HacksLife
If you’re devoting 2017 to getting out of debt, saving for a new home, paying for school, amping up your retirement or any other money-oriented goal you could possibly make for your financial well-being, you won’t get there without a game plan. You’ll need to find creative ways to save every extra cent you can stand.
Jan 4, 2017
7 Signs that Buying an Income Property Might Be the Right Choice for YouLife
If you are considering purchasing a home, you have likely already read everything you can get your hands on espousing the pros and cons of owning your own home. Rent vs. Buy has become one of the big debates of our time, but what do you do if you are solidly on team Buy, but the numbers just don’t add up? Read on for signs that a small multifamily property (meaning a duplex, triplex or fourplex) may be an option for you.
Dec 22, 2016
This App Lets You Play the Lotto (But You’re Actually Saving Instead)Life
Typically, saving money and lottery tickets don’t go hand in hand (unless you count the loss of savings due to lottery ticket purchases), but a new app called Long Game hopes to develop more of a positive association between the two.
Nov 27, 2016
The Mistakes You’re Making With Your 401KLife
Just having a 401K is a good start. But it’s what you do with it that has a major impact on your retirement. You’re the one in charge of it all, but saving for the future doesn’t have to be another dread on your financial checklist. With a little solid advice, you’ll be well on your way to conquering common 401K mistakes and closer to your retirement dream.
Nov 2, 2016
How to Negotiate Your Rates with Cable Providers, Credit Lenders or Anybody Who Will ListenLife
Your most powerful money-saving tool isn’t a coupon-searching browser extension or the willpower it takes to say no to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s your phone. Seriously.
Oct 25, 2016
You Can Use a Money Jar to Reach Your Goals (and Save While You Are At It)Life
Collecting your coins and spare bills is a great way to save money, because over time, all that change adds up. But emptying your pockets into a jar or a piggy bank when you walk in the door? Not exactly the most fun or inspired way to do things. If you need a little extra motivation to save—whether it’s to pay for something special, or to curb your bad money habits—try one of these takes on the traditional coin jar or piggy bank.
Oct 12, 2016
6 Things To Do Before You Even Think About Applying for a Mortgage
Tired of kissing your hard-earned cash goodbye every month and handing it over to your landlord? Thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing your own place? Well, hold up, young Padawan—before you apply for a mortgage on a whim, you should probably pump the brakes. If you’re really ready to shed the renting lifestyle once and for all and get serious about buying your first home, there are a few considerations you must make.
Oct 4, 2016
Insurance & Warranties: What’s Actually Worth It? What’s Really Not?
It feels like you can’t buy anything without being offered an extended warranty for an extra fee at the checkout counter, but are any of those service plans and insurance offerings even worth it? The truth is, some of those plans are an absolute must, but most warranties aren’t necessary.
Sep 8, 2016
5 Things Money-Savvy People Always Do (No Matter What)
You know those people who never seem to struggle with their finances at the end of each month? They’re the ones who’ll likely cash in their stocks and savings to retire into a sea of green (dollar bills, y’all!) when the rest of us are still trying to figure out stocks and savings. We want to be like those people. So, without further ado, here are five things money-savvy people always do that we less money-minded mortals should pick up post haste.
Aug 25, 2016
How Long Do Most Couples Save for a Down Payment and How Much Do They Put Away Each Month?
In polite company, most people prefer to steer conversation away from the topic of money. And even if you do broach the subject of, say, buying a home with your friends, it’s likely that nobody in the circle will ever throw out a real dollar amount when discussing how much they’ve saved or spent in their quest to complete the American Dream.
Aug 23, 2016
5 Signs You’re Not Cut Out for a Side Hustle
People who keep personal finance top-of-mind are quick to tout the benefits of taking on a side hustle—a secondary job or stream of income to help you accomplish your financial goals. A side hustle will certainly help you pay off debt or save for a big purchase more quickly, but it’s a big life change and it’s not for everyone.
Jul 11, 2016