First-Time Home Buyers On: The Scariest (& Most Surprising) Parts of the Process

published Feb 13, 2017
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Anybody else terrified of the prospect of buying and owning their own home? (Or is it just me?) If it’s not just me, you might find some comfort in facing fears. Specifically, the things that scared Tiffany and Alan Goldstein, first-time home buyers, when they went through the buying process. Taking your own home-buying plunge may be a little less terrifying knowing what’s ahead.

→ What might scare you about buying your first home:

The scariest part of the process was fearing we were making the wrong decision. Some people told us we were making a great decision. Some people were shocked that we were buying such an old home. At the end of the day, we had to make our own decision. Big decisions are scary in and of themselves.

(Image credit: Reagen Taylor)

There were a lot of other scary moments along the way, but you can alleviate them by getting educated. You rarely do anything without some sort of training or education — buying a home should be no different. Loan officers and real estate agents are ultimately the best sources of information about the process and the market you’re in, so don’t be afraid to talk to a few. Be up front and let them know you are not actively looking but want to get more knowledge for when you are. If you’re getting a used car salesman vibe, move on to the next one.

“The right people will be patient with you, which will alleviate a lot of stress when you start getting serious.”

We met the real estate agent we wound up using at an open house about a year before we bought our house. Without signing any binding agreements, he became an invaluable source of information for us and was always available for a call when we came up with new questions. As we previously mentioned, we had the same experience with the loan mortgage officer we wound up going with. The right people will be patient with you, which will alleviate a lot of stress when you start getting serious.

→ What might surprise you:

We were probably most surprised by how calm we felt on the actual day of closing. The whole process was so busy but on closing day we just signed papers, got keys and wandered over to the house. It was a much appreciated moment of calm to fully appreciate what had just happened.

Thanks Tiffany and Alan!


(Image credit: Reagen Taylor)

→ How Long the Buying Process Took

*This interview has been edited for clarity and length.