The Best Color to Paint Your Garage Door, According to a Real Estate Agent

published Jun 7, 2022
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Garage doors take quite a beating over their lifespan. They chip, they oxidize, they rust, and like the rest of the home, they can become outdated with time. On top of that, garage doors aren’t cheap to replace. According to Home Advisor, the typical range for a garage door installation is between $753 and $1,592.

Luckily, a fresh coat of paint can be a cost- and time-effective way to makeover your garage door while giving your home’s exterior a fresh and updated appearance. 

Simple enough, right? Not quite. The paint you choose for anything on your home’s exterior needs to be able to withstand daily exposure to the elements, and look good while doing it. 

“The best paint color is one that complements the rest of the house,” says Susan Isaak, a Realtor with Houlihan Lawrence. “You don’t want to draw attention to the garage door specifically, but the color you choose should tie everything together.”

By “everything,” Isaak is referring to the paint that’s on your home’s siding, front door, and any exterior features, such as window trim. 

“Whether you go with something neutral or a contrasting color, it’s important that the color has the same warm or cool undertones as the rest of the colors on the house,” she says. If you’re not sure where to start, Isaak recommends drawing inspiration from paint combinations that are already out there. “You can find great paint combinations on Etsy by searching exterior paint palette or whole house paint palette.”

And feel free to go bold with it! “White might be the safest choice, but don’t be afraid of using color or deeper shades. An old garage door can instantly appear more modern if you paint it charcoal grey and frost the windows.”

Before you start pouring paint into pans, make sure to scrape, sand, wash, rinse, and dry your garage door. Once the door has fully dried, tape off any hardware, trim, windows, and gaskets. Additionally, make sure you are using paint that will stand up well to daily wear and tear.

“Go with something scratch-resistant that can withstand the elements, such as high-gloss or semi-gloss exterior paint,” says Isaak. “The ROI for a few cans of paint can’t be beat, but the real value comes from giving buyers the impression that you care for every single part of your home.”