How To Turn Clear Glass Vases Into Any Color You Want, According to TikTok

published Oct 17, 2022
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Colorful glasses on linen casting colorful shadows
Credit: Photo: Alpha Smoot; Prop Styling: Ed Gallagher

Colored glass vases can really hit an aesthetic home — be it mustard and olive shades for a vintage ‘70s vibe, or teals and blues for a beachy theme. And colored glass can really come in clutch when you’re designing an event like a wedding. So when one TikTok user decided she wanted colored glass vases as the stars of her wedding centerpieces, she took things into her own hands and created her own “stained glass” glassware to put on display.

Sarah of the TikTok account @LucyAndLuna12 posted a now-viral video in September showing the experimental process of turning clear glass vases into an entire spectrum of yellows, reds, and greens. And she did so by mixing Mod Podge with food coloring to create her hues.

After adding a splash of water to each color mix, she coated the inside of her thrifted glassware and drained out the excess and let the glue dry before popping them into a 200-degree oven for two hours. And the result is pretty stunning.

Though Sarah admits the colors didn’t turn out exactly as she had planned, you can’t deny that these vases look like they were originally made in these jewel tones.

In a second video, she decided to test her colors in shot glasses first before dyeing the rest of her vases. 

The only drawback, as one commenter pointed out, is that adding water to the inside of the vases will likely wash off the stain. So, Sarah said she is going to try the dyeing technique on the outside of the vases next or use dried flower arrangements, instead.

If you’re looking for a way to tweak your decorative glassware to better fit your space’s style, just pick up some Mod Podge and some food coloring, and you’re ready to get dyeing.