6 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray in the Bathroom

published Nov 27, 2018
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Turns out that your favorite go-to canola oil spray for non-stick cooking, like Pam Cooking Spray, also has some pretty stellar uses outside of the kitchen, too. Don’t believe us? Read ahead for a handful of surprisingly savvy ways to use cooking spray in your bathroom—yes, your bathroom—no skillet or cookie pans necessary.

1. Clean soap scum off your shower

Who knew cooking spray could tackle soap scum buildup in your bathtub, shower, and sink? Since oil breaks down lime deposits, a quick spritz of cooking spray on your bathroom sink or shower tile will remove any gross grime in no time.

2. Dry nail polish almost instantly

Believe it or not, cooking spray can help set your freshly painted manicure in minutes. According to the good folks at Reddit, all you have to do is spray a bit of cooking oil on your wet polish and then dip your finger in cold water for 30 seconds to score dry nails much faster than you would if you waited for them to air-dry.

3. Clean paint and grease off your skin

Looking for a foolproof way to remove paint and grease off your skin in a pinch? Spritz some nonstick cooking spray on your soiled skin, rub it in, and then wash it off with little soap and water to get rid of any pesky paint and grease in seconds.

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4. Shine your faucets

Nothing will make your bathroom fixtures glisten like a little bit of cooking spray. Spritz a tiny bit on your sink faucets and shower fixtures to rid them of buildup and allow them to really shine.

5. Clean your glass shower door

Just like nonstick cooking spray can remove tough grime buildup in your bathroom sink and tub, the same goes for cleaning your shower door, too. Simply spray a bit of oil directly on your dirty shower door to clear away the lime deposits and dirt real quick.

6. Silence a squeaky bathroom door

Forget WD-40, all you need to silence a squeaky bathroom door is a tiny bit of non-stick cooking spray. Spritz a little oil directly onto the hinges of your bathroom door (or window) and quell those annoying noises for good.

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